Simple Bathroom Ideas For Any Home

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Imagine this, after a long day in the office or eventful hours spent caring for the kids, it’s time for a little you time. You slip into your bathroom where there is no interruption and complete privacy, and then soak in a luxurious bath of warm soapy water to wash the day’s stress away.

A bathtub need not be a rare luxury for only select homes, you can have one in your home too. Here are tips and hints to pick the most tantalising bathtub. Most of them are easy to install, and available in fantastic motifs to complement your decor.

A Country Bathtub with a Twist

Do you like simple designs in bright colours? A simple country bathtub that is in a bright colour will add a little more oomph to your bathroom decor. The best ones are made from iron or steel with fibre and have high sides so that you can sink into the tub and get enveloped in the warm and relaxing water all the way up to your neck. These bathtubs make a strong statement and should be complemented by revealing illumination and maybe a side table to keep a book, bath accessories, some potpourri or a small radio.

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Stripes and Shades

Why settle for the boring white when you can add more sophistication to your bathroom decor with an ornate bathtub? Stripes and dark shades look great in your bathroom too.

Stripes for example, create the illusion of more room in your bathroom. Darker colours are also easier to clean and do not get discoloured after a few years and many happy hours of you soaking to high heaven.

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Oval and detached

The classic bathtub shape should be ergonomic to your body's length. It must give you enough room to relax and recline. An oval bathtub fulfils the purpose well. It doesn’t take much room and allows you the privilege of having one in almost any medium sized bathtub. Because they are so easy to install, it will be no time until you are blowing away foamy bubbles in a relaxing bath.

Copper Bathtubs

William Holland Copper Baths, William Holland William Holland Classic style bathroom Bathtubs & showers
William Holland

William Holland Copper Baths

William Holland

These bathtubs look classic and are absolutely fantastic. Not only is copper gentle on the skin, but such a bathtub envelopes you in the goodness of water that stays warmer for long. A copper bathtub is easy to maintain, and you can polish them once a year to bring out the gleam. Copper bathtubs are definitely an unforgettable bathtub experience, and you should get one for yourself if you would like a unique and contemporary bathroom decor.

Classic Stone Bathtubs

Stone lends to your home a natural and neo-rustic look that is sure to impress. Other than the texture and colour of stone being distinct and remarkable, it also looks spectacular when you experiment in the tub by adding rose petals or scented oils to soothe your senses. Stone is a rather unyielding material and needs the touch of a skilled craftsman to create a flawless and desirable product that, once complete, does not damage easily and is effortless to maintain.

We hope you enjoyed these 6 trendy bathtub ideas for your home. If you ever do create that amazing bathtub space we want to know how you did it! Until then, put your feet up, soak in the relaxation and enjoy the bubbles on homify

Marble Bathtub

Marble is a rather regal material when incorporated into the interiors of your home. The natural speckles and colouration of marble make it a unique and custom instalment for your home. Marble bathtubs are truly luxurious and the feel of marble in unparalleled when you rest your body against it. Marble bathtubs look elegant and give a sophisticated spa like ambience to your bathroom.

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