6 Ideas to Make Your House Come Alive

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There’s nothing more thrilling than planning the decor for your home. For those lucky enough to be moving into a new home, this is a chance to create your own fantasy rooms. Even if it’s not a new house, and you are just redecorating to bring a new vibe into your home, it’s time to be out with the old and in with the new.

Before we begin, look around you. What your new home will look like and the furniture and wonders it will contain will depend on the amount of room you have at your disposal.

Also, when decorating a room you’re going to need to be practical. The best interior-decor and creative interiors are products of utility and practicality. In other words, you're going to need a study desk in the children’s room, or a recliner in your balcony if it faces a fantastic view. Capitalise on your home's strengths and make it more comfortable for residents.

Without further delay, let’s see how we transform your home to make it more comfy, beautiful and practical.

1.A Classic Living Room

The best thing about following up on the classics is that you can’t go wrong. The classics don't have to be boring either, that’s where your ingenuity comes into play. Try out a classic couch and increase the relation factor by also adding a few comfortable recliners. Don’t crowd a room as this creates clutter. Remember, the idea is to punctuate the space, not fill it.

Checkout some brilliant ideas to decorate your living room.

We hope these ideas give you inspiration for your next decor spree. We would love to hear from you when you’ve created your fantasy home. Until next time, happy decorating.

2.Porch Ideas

The porch is an open outdoor space that is an invitation into your home. If you have one, then don’t ignore it! So many of us pray we would be so lucky as to own a home with a porch. Points to remember when decorating your porch are illumination, walking paths, gardening and of course decor.

Starting with lighting, make sure the space directly in front of your door is adequately lit. It creates a welcoming atmosphere. You can also light the path to your home with fibre lamp globes.

Create a neat bed for your plants, it’s easier to maintain that way, without as much fallen leaves and is also more attractive and neat. You can lay out flat stone or river slate to make a stone mosaic on your porch.

3.Quiet corners

The best thing about spacious homes is that they have corners that are just waiting for you to personalize. If you have such a space in your home, you can do so by simply creating a quiet corner.

Of course a quiet corner should have a comfortable place to sit and reflect. A recliner works best, depending on your taste and home decor you could have a leather seating or a more rustic wooden or bamboo bench. For an ethnic look, try a decorative charpoy for a quiet afternoon read or siesta.

A Stylish Children’s Room

bed homify BedroomBeds & headboards Plywood Pink

A child’s room should be magical, and yet acknowledge the active needs of children. Modular furniture works best in a child’s room. They free up more space for fun and tumble and also are easier to fix and maintain. They also give more room to store away toys and clothes. Always remember to add a study table in your children's room.

Checkout more spectacular visual for children's rooms here.

A Masterly Bedroom

mom's bedroom homify BedroomBeds & headboards Wood

mom's bedroom


The master bedroom is the best room in the house. It should be a space for relaxation and quiet times, while also being stimulating and interesting. Don’t let the bed take up all the room in your bedroom. If you have a small bedroom you can use modular cupboards to make more room. A master bedroom should have ample room for two. You can also add a comfortable recliner if you have the space for quiet moments away from the living room.

A Pop Art Room

Creating contemporary decor means you have to be bold with forms and colours. Colours that pop out look great when balanced with each other.

Try geometric shapes and couture motives that bring a refreshing splash of uniqueness in your home. Select shapes that complement each other and work around a colour palette to get the best results. Don’t be afraid to be bold and quirky. Curating a stylish pop art inspired room can take years to find the right furniture, but start with just one piece and build up around it. It’s a truly unique approach to decor and so satisfying when you’ve created the perfect look.

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