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Summer is a time when there’s nothing more enchanting than strolling through a garden lined with vibrant flowers, or wiggling your toes on a lush green carpet of grass.

Having a garden around your home makes you part of the elite 10 percent, i.e citizenry who have a lovely patch of land accompanying their living space.

Just before you think a garden should look only a certain way, there’s more than one way to make your garden completely personal, unique and inviting.

Let's look at some furniture and landscaping tips for your home garden to make it look like everything you dreamed a garden should be. Whether you’re an avid gardener and nature bug or just someone who likes a little sun on a Sunday morning, you’re sure to find some inspiration in the next six tips.

1.A Bright Sit Out

Create an avant-garde space in your garden that is perfect for sit outs and picnics. The classic wooden picnic table setup looks ravishing in bright colours like blue, red or turquoise. You can really make your garden feel lively, bright and fresh all through the year, no matter the season with this colourful idea. Depending on the motif of your home, you can select a style of furniture that complements it perfectly.

2.Grow a Bio Wall

Plants have been studied to find that they can reduce noise pollution, purify the air and reduce the surrounding temperature of your home. A bio wall can do all this while creating more privacy for your home and garden. Wall gardens are not too difficult to maintain, and though they can take a few years to reach the height of their thickness, the beauty is well worth it. To grow a wall of plants all you need is a bio wall planter to cover your wall, and a good quality type of creeper that is fast growing and adaptable to all seasons.

We hope you found some seeds of inspiration while reading this article and twiddling your green thumbs. Let us know how your garden grows!

3.Classic Wooden Benches

Seating is an important aspect of landscaping your garden. A classic bench gives you a quiet place to rest yourself on an idle afternoon and enjoy the outdoors in privacy and seclusion. Classic wooden benches look classy and elegant and complement the natural settings of an outdoor garden. Try benches in different earthy colours to create a contrasting effect and give your garden a chic motif.

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4.Colonial Style railings

The porch is the entrance of your home and the beginning of your garden. Don’t ignore it, but give it the attention it deserves! Make your porch an open and interesting space, so that you can enjoy moments of sunshine in its surroundings. A good way to highlight your porch and make it more inviting is to create a neat railing that adds elegance to your foyer. You can grow creepers like money plants or other vegetation to creep along the railings and create a green and nature infused effect.

5.Fancy Pots

If your garden is tiled or has corners where you are unable to plant, you can give the space a little foliage by growing leafy potted plants. You can also incorporate pots at the entrance of your garden to blend the natural aspects of your garden into the garden entrance. Red is a vibrant colour that is complemented by green, the natural red colour of terracotta hence makes your plumes look even more lively.

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6.A Geometric Tiled Garden

If you feel that garden is a little too much to maintain, or just want to create a space that is more leveled and geometric, try a tiled garden. The effect is created by laying river stone slabs in your garden in a geometric pattern with spaces in between, which you can fill with succulent lawn grass. This theme makes your garden feel bigger, wider and with more open space.

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