5 incredible remodeled kitchens

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Kitchen is undoubtedly the warmest place in the house both literally and philosophically as food is made there and it is also the most common location for social gatherings of friends and family. With changes in technology and people’s tastes there have been major changes in cooking styles and kitchens are no longer smoke filled areas with smell of food lingering in the air. While large country sized kitchens with humongous ovens and stoves have given way to trendy gadgets and cooktops, smoke and food odor has been almost eliminated by chimneys.

People around the world have been remodeling old kitchens to accommodate new electrical gadgets or removing old ones to make the area safe for children with fireless cooking. Constraints of space and time has also forced homeowners to make small and large changes depending on requirements in their existing kitchen products to make them user friendly and reduce the time spent in cooking. Here are five kitchens that have been transformed with innovative ideas and materials that can be implemented anywhere in the world.

1. Dim color tones

Though this kitchen is designed with modern counter and cabinets, the dull color palette makes it look old fashioned and worn out. Made several years ago the once trendy Formica counter is now outdated as now there are attractive and durable natural stone counters. Plain ceramic tiled walls and lacy curtains may have looked adorable in an era when classic kitchens were the trend but now look suspended in time.

Monochromatic transformation

Architect Alejandra Zavala has made an amazing transformation during renovation in the kitchen and the only part that remained untouched is the wide window that brings brightness streaming into the region. Sparkling black granite counters, and white cabinets look enchanting against an all-black ceramic tile floor and smoky grey roof. Recessed lights keep the region bright and cheerful while frosted glass on cabinets lend an air of warmth. Smartly designed kitchen island with six burner cooking range keeps the fire concentrated in one area leaving the entire kitchen free for storage and preparatory work.

2. Plain granite and wood

The kitchen we see here is made of sturdy timber and granite but the design has left very little space to work around the area. Deep wide cabinets that open outwards may be excellent for storage but can become an obstacle when there are more than two people in the kitchen trying to cook up food in a hurry.

Modern and Minimalistic

The amazing transformation from a dull and uninspiring kitchen to a white, airy and spacious kitchenette with a smart breakfast bar is an eye opener about how planning and design can make effective use of space. Stylish white background makes the minimalist kitchen look spacious while attractiveness of rectangular breakfast bar is enhanced by perky red bar-stools. Vertical storage space and electrical appliances embedded into neat niches make onlookers hard to believe that it is the same kitchen.

3. Cloistered and stuffy

The way things are stacked around this kitchen, it appears more like a store area instead of a place to cook food. The only elements of cheer here are the wide windows with lacy curtains across wide windows as even the refrigerator seems to have been brought in as an afterthought.

White and bright

Besides giving a neutral hue to a major area of the kitchen, designers Estudio ZP have opened up the region and strategically created space for refrigerator in a manner that it acts as a dividing wall instead of being an impediment to movement. The dining region now consists of a wide breakfast bar abutting the counter and stretches across rear side of the refrigerator.

Shabby to sleek

Modern cooking equipment was looking out of place in the shabby outdated kitchen with peeling paint and ugly green tiles. While linoleum flooring did not reduce the dullness of the kitchen, lack of natural light and fresh air was adding to the gloom.

The refurbishment opened up multiple rectangular windows in the kitchen making the area cheerful and bright. Shabby wooden cabinets were replaced with modular kitchen shelves and cabinets while walls were repaired and given a fresh coat of neutral paint. With a lovely tiled floor and low granite tile back-splash the house owner now has a neat and functional kitchen.

5. Neat but outdated

This modern kitchen has everything one needs and is spacious enough for two people to work in easy partnership with an L shaped counter and large electrical implements built into the wall. But the uninspiring design cried out for something more contemporary and exciting and the designers proceeded to do that by creating the kitchen of their dreams.

Let the light shine through

The kitchen is now almost new with trendy blue-green glass tiles back splash that stretch across an entire wall and stylish bottle shaped pendant lamps instead of dull tube light. The open floor design now includes the dining area with chairs and table facing the kitchen counter. The refrigerator now has a smart enclosure of its own while television has moved from counter to the wall. All in all a neat and functional kitchen to inspire cooking experiments on a daily basis.

If you are keen on giving the kitchen a trendy makeover then view these inspiring kitchens for ideas.

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