A 70s Apartment Goes Contemporary

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Appartamento per Studenti Zona Roma Tiburtina, Studio StageRô di Roberta Anfora - Home Staging & Photography Studio StageRô di Roberta Anfora - Home Staging & Photography
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We don’t need to emphasise the architectural, artistic and cultural richness of Rome, do we? The whole world knows about it. But what you might not know is how the old apartments here are undergoing stylish and pretty makeovers to become more contemporary and appealing for the urban dwellers. Today, we will take a close look at the charming transformation of one such residence which needed to become suitable for housing students. It originally had some great retro floors and featured some lovely tiles and smart fixtures. But a more modish look was required along with vibrant colours and homely touches. So the home stagers at Stage Ro by Roberta Anfora decided to lend it more cheer and visual intrigue by introducing vivid shades of blue and soft sandy tones. The addition of sleek and chic furnishing and some lively indoor greens have now made a very refreshing difference to the apartment too.

Before: Gloomy and lifeless kitchen

The kitchen door and window featured the same barred look that we just saw for the room above. This hindered the free influx of sunlight, leading to a gloomy and listless feel in the kitchen. Since students would be living here, it was essential to introduce some more cabinetry and create a cosy dining space for them. And the kitchen needed to look fresher and brighter.

Before: Bare and lacklustre living space

This large and spacious room had an interesting retro floor set with quirky tiles, but the walls looked old and drab. The glass window was barred and had a prison-like look. It was mandatory to infuse this space with colour, cosy textures and visual appeal to make it liveable.

Before: An uninviting bathroom

Despite the pretty tiles lining the walls and the sleek fixtures, the bathroom lacked a cosy and rejuvenating quotient. It needed some homely touches which could enhance its comfortable appeal.

After: A delightful blue bedroom

The original living space was turned into a gorgeous bedroom with two of the walls in a stunning shade of blue. The sleek light-hued wooden furniture contrasts the jazzy floor and blue walls beautifully, and takes care of all modern functionalities. The dark brown throws and patterned cushions lend pizzazz to the bedroom along with the decorative panels above the beds. The long study desk is equipped with powerful task lights to ensure easy study time, while the unique pendant light guarantees a peaceful vibe. The bedroom leads to an airy terrace, while sheer drapes now deck the glass door and window to allow ample sunlight inside the room.

After: The sand and the sea

Here’s another expansive beach theme bedroom with a sandy hue on two of its walls and dashes of vivid blue here and there. The patterned cushions perfectly match the decorative panels on the wall, while the bright and peppy throws contrast the beige and white look of the beds. A simplistic clothes rack stands neatly between the two beds, and the study table here too comes with powerful task lighting and some refreshing potted greens. The dreamy pendant light, the sheer white drapes and the sunny terrace add to the quaint charm of this bedroom.

After: Bright and peppy kitchen

Sleek folding chairs in an energetic orange shade and a sleek white table cater to the dining and breakfast needs of the students now. Sleek white cabinets have been added for storing enough food easily. The snazzy decorative lettering “Kitchen” adds spunk to the space, while a number of potted greens bring in oodles of freshness to the cooking haven. Like the other rooms, here too, the glass door and window are now shaded with sheer curtains to let sunlight flood the space with brightness.

After: A cosy blue bathroom

With soft blue tiles on the floor and pretty patterned tiles on the walls, this bathroom is now all set to bid adieu to Monday morning blues! The fixtures were smart and sleek, so they were retained. But the stagers added inviting accents like the sheer flowing drape for the window, miniature potted greens, a wicker basket, some soft towels, bath salts and a shaving mirror. It’s dramatic how the addition of these simple elements changed the look and feel of this space entirely.

After: A lively terrace

Decked with a couple of folding chairs and a compact table, this earthy but charming terrace provides loads of outdoor delight now. A lush potted succulent and a couple of stones infuse the space with organic appeal too.

The colourful, sensible, sleek and comfy transformation of this ageing Italian apartment has impressed us immensely. Hope you derived some great ideas from it too. Here’s another makeover story to inspire you further - Drab house gets a fabulous face-lift.

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