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Amazing Home from an Attic

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
Modern living room by homify Modern
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Who has not ever dreamed of waking up to the morning in a dreamland area of a gorgeous attic that is as big and grand as skyline and full of colors and flavors? If you are amongst them then you are definitely going to love this walk-through from a gallery of a house that is full of everything. We propose to call it as Book of Ideas and show stealer. The house that is 190 squares meter wide is full of delightful partitions, a room for everyone in the family and will inspire you to get your Indian homes renovated very soon. Get the details and glimpse and embrace your eyes for this eye striking view! 

A Unique Entrance

Well, very few times it happens that you enter a home and are welcomed by warm interiors, beautiful lights and what! A red Vespa. Why not? Beholding uniqueness and distinctive features, the entrance showcases what houses the interiors.  

Full Character Dining

A classy and sophisticated dining area paired with a green and yellow artistic wall hand painted to the details. The white chairs and glass table look very formal and give this space a unique personality of its own.

The Hallway

Details are the key to adding definition and dimensions to an area and the designer has left little to imagine here. A hallway that lets you get connected to nature and exteriors while you are sitting on comfortable, a large sized sofa is a welcome for small as well as large Indian homes. Don't forget to notice the flat table for books placement. 

Luxury Living Space

A lavishing living area with two large couch and a very peppy table in between. Further, the light colored floors with white pastel walls and bright lights are  interesting as well as appealing. The wall decoration made of photographs shows the love for family and also adds a weight to the interiors. 

The Kids Play

A kids room could never have been better than this. Look at this jaw-dropping setting that has been well integrated with all the peppy colors, soft toys, bag packs for kids, a rug that looks more like a game and a cabinet that looks like it has been taken straight out from the Disneyland!

A Green Vibe

While the rest of the house is seen to be donning the mysterious white walls, this fresh pinch of green hues is extraordinary and out of this world addition to the home. While single or dual colored walls are a passe now, this multiple shaded entrance wall looks pleasant and uncomplex.


How about covering an entire wall with something artistic and dramatic. This study or office area serves as a perfect space to store things, sit and work in bright light and rest in between as per convenience but there is no protocol to keep your office and study areas boring and plain. 

The Black Connection

A black large sized couch placed adjacently to the wall and giving you a view to the outer world must be a cheerful idea to think of. The room has been brought to life with the library chair, well-decorated wall and a designer showpiece along side the central element of the room. 

Pristine White

A bedroom with the Avant-garde lightening position that is sure to leave a calming effect on the residents while they go to sleep. The minimal decor, light pastel walls, small chair and a big window to the outside garden complete the look and breaks monotony so easily!

Stairways to Heaven

Saving some space by building narrow stairs, the designers have not compromised on the quality and creativity in anyways. Proper rugs and mats have been placed on stairs while the walls are kept white to create an illusion of bigger space. The stairways end to a maroon wall and a rather bigger hallway area. 

Contemporary Bathroom

The bathroom has been dominated by grey and white tones all over. The tilting glass window and a large towel hanger are the only accessories to be find here. White sanitary in sync to the walls have been palced properly at right distances and angeles. 

The Dream Closet

Any man and woman might have screamed to see this view. A dreamy closet, big enough to walk inside and organized well to keep all clothes, shoes, sandals, intimates, and everything in one place. Keep the entire family dressing and accessories at one place and make the rooms free from those space-consuming racks and cabinets. 

Embracing Black in Kitchen

Black and white kitchen are an unusual sight but if paired rightly, they are nothing short of glamour and magic. This kitchen too will leave a spell on you. Keeping the upper half in nude tones, the shelves, the cabinets and the countertop base have been kept black. The small dining table with sleek chairs are ideal pick for tea and snack time. 

Kidzy World

Give your kids a room to look to the outer world through this dramatic walls that display the entire world map in colors and stones. Not only it will create their interest in the subject but also makes the space super peppy and lively!

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