Luxurious furnishings that can be tried next diwali

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Cleaning up every nook and cranny of the house is family's ritual during diwali every year. This may also be the time to decorate it with as many new things as possible to impress guests and relatives coming in for sharing diwali greetings. While  families purchase new clothes for all members and cook sweets or savories for guests they rarely spend much time on decorating the house beyond setting up blinking lights and lamps. Why not change tradition and use these colorful stylish furnishing designs to beautify your home next diwali and amaze your guests.

Colorful Upholstery

Ikat is a variety of handloom design that is woven on clothes, curtains, upholstery and bedspreads along with several types of furnishings and wall hangings.  Change the plain upholstery of furnishings at home from nude to colorful Ikat or any other colorful designs to give a brilliant hue to the house. If changing the upholstery is an expensive exercise then get sofa covers and table covers with exquisite handloom designs and give the entire home a colorful makeover.

Ottoman Pouf

The comfortable square shape of this wide ottoman pouf can hold a child or an adult with equal ease. Keep it in a corner of the living room or bring it to the dining area of guests are more than chairs at the table. Colorful hues of blue, yellow, orange and bright pink give this vibrant handmade pouf a homely look which will definitely win admiring comments from guests. Owners may have to keeps pets away from tearing into it though a cat or dog would love to curl up on it.

Warli Art On Cushions

The elegant finish and intricate designs of India’s handloom industry is famous around the world. Skilled craftsmen have made this intricate design of Warli Art on these cushion covers that appear truly stunning against nude color furniture. Black background makes the hand-painted white Warli Art stand out elegantly while the tribal art designs tell a story of their own. These large puffy cushions are great to rest tired body every evening and also inspire guests to try out art that speak about simplicity of life.

Multilayered curtain design

Even the drabbest of windows and rooms can be enhanced with a bit of imagination and taste. Here three different colored curtains have been used to make the living room window and simple wooden table into objects of admiration and praise. White or cream curtains with pretty pattern remain in the background providing a perfect foil for lacy and solid curtains layered over it. The elegant layout is carried forward to the table with mix of similar green and patterned colors. Place trays of sweets and savories for guests on Diwali and later decorage with artistic objects of art.

Riot Of Colours

Bright yellow and royal blue petals spread across shocking pink background overlaid with orange and light blue highlights make this riotous colored quilt appear like a colorful flower pot cracker of Diwali spreading light everywhere. The bright yellow motif is inspired from mansions of Rajasthan that make even the most sedately colored bedroom come alive with colors and designs. Sink into its soft depths to enjoy colorful dreams of bright sunflowers and soft blue skies.

For more color inspired bedspreads and otherfurnishings take a look here.

Bright Wool Rug

Diwali is a festival of lights and colors so what more can bring vivid brightness to the home than an intricate rug with bright splashes of green orange and blue. Hand-stitched by skilled craftsmen of Kashmir ModernArt Gallery the rug has intricate designs enhanced with painstaking chain stich embroidery. Keep it in a place where it can be admired by everyone but slightly away from burning candles or lamps.

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