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8 low cost kitchen cabinets ideas

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The biggest expense that every homeowner has to bear while designing the kitchen is cabinets. In current market of modular kitchens carpenters and designers search for innovative kitchen cabinets ideas that enable maximum utilization of space and materials at minimal cost. Though wood is the obvious choice of everyone it is expensive and now designers are offering other alternatives like medium density fiberboard, particle board and other artificial options to homeowners. Here are some kitchen cabinets designs that are durable and are the pride and joy of their owners as they have been able to save costs without compromising on looks.

Subtle play of design and materials

Harmony of color and design makes this compact kitchen a pleasurable work area encouraging the cook to whip up delicious recipes.  Only three to four colors have been used to design the cabinets, counter and surroundings areas of the kitchen. Instead of having plenty of small cabinets a mix of both sizes gives them more symmetry and it is easier to find out things. Both glass door cabinets with white frames on the wall are  ideal for storing glassware.

Modern design and thought

The common L shaped design gives this kitchen space and tranquility. To an onlooker this kitchen may seem expensive due to elegant finish and combination of wood and synthetic materials. But on closer look one can see that this modular kitchen’s cabinets are made out of low density wood and have strong steel handles that reduces costs by a significant percent and looks classy. Open floor plan keeps the area in sync with the dining and living area.

Combination of wood and synthetic material

kitchen homify Minimalist kitchen



Seamless design and lighting add space to this artistically designed modern kitchen with single long counter inlaid with blue granite. Wide rectangular wooden cabinets maintain synchronization with lacquered cabinets that are equally attractive. Large white lacquered cabinets on the wall above the counter create more space for storage and give the kitchen superior finish and appearance. As the surface is easy to clean and maintain these are more budget friendly than maple or pine wood cabinets.

Enchanting symmetry of white

The rectangular flow of design of this kitchen is carried forward to the cabinet design too. The expensive finish of these cabinets usually has visitors wondering that the owner must have spent thousands on setting up this modular kitchen. But who can guess that this attractive cabinet set has been made at one third the cost of expensive wood and without giving it expensive lacquer or polyester finish.  This expensive looking material is thermofoil or medium density fiberboard wrapped in plastic coating and baked for sealed shiny finish.

Elegant wood and glass combination

One look at this light brown and blue kitchen with bright sunlight streaming onto the counter will make anyone fall in love with it. The stained wood cabinets add elegance and beauty to blue tiled floor and bring harmony to the kitchen. Whether is a small bathroom, kitchen or any other section of the house, designers looking for style and class have always opted for stained wood doors due to their timeless appeal and choice of colors. Perfect stains and wood grains make each cabinet impeccably perfect even when they have glass doors.

Rustic cabinets with granite counter

Guests seated in this modern kitchen with minimal adornments would never guess that the smart cabinets facing them are made of reclaimed wood. Door style of these cabinets are similar and of the same size to retain their rustic symmetry to the unfinished granite slab in the kitchen. The unpainted wooden cabinets have been designed so cleverly that their handles are not easily obvious to the naked eye and save a significant sum for the owner. For innovative ideas on rustic kitchen cabinets and other furniture one can also refer to Svetlana Agapov’s designs.

Painted kitchen cabinets with granite backsplash

When planning the layout of your readymade kitchen cabinets always remember to purchase handles that are comfortable to use and lack sharp edges as fingers will need new bandages every few days. These kind of soft maple cabinets with elegant painted doors and wide metal handles are easy to use even for children. Symmetry has been maintained with large similar white colored cupboards on the wall within easy reach of the cook. Grey granite counter and back-splash give endearing contrast to the white cabinets and give a modern feel to steel sink.

Glory of laminated cabinets and stone backsplash

Laminated grey and white cabinets with shiny steel handles give a touch of class to this warm kitchen dominated by dark stone back-splash that is almost touching the bottom of wall mounted cupboards. Cupboards close to the ceiling have also been laminated in same color to keep company of light grey roof and walls of the kitchen.

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Some more stylish yet inexpensive ideas

Residential project ARY Studios Modern kitchen
ARY Studios

Residential project

ARY Studios

For those who wish to incorporate a contemporary yet low cost modular kitchen, this can be an ideal choice. Besides the beautiful combination of lilac and white, what catches the eye is its well-customised, curvy design. Crafted with inexpensive, easy to mould and waterproof PVC sheets, these cabinets undoubtedly deliver a perfect balance of style and durability. The kitchen planners have also made sure that the exceptional design of the cabinets offers ample floor space to move around freely.

If you wish to create a minimalist yet elegant kitchen, then nothing can serve better than white cabinets. Here, the textured tiles on the backsplash create a clear distinction between the upper and the lower cabinets while elevating the entire look of this modular kitchen cabinet design. The black, granite countertop also creates a striking contrast with the rest of the monochromatic setting and lends a modern feel. Above all, what makes this design suitable for small kitchens is the use of plywood as it is not only pocket-friendly but also makes the cabinets sturdy and moisture-resistant.

Which of these kitchen cabinet designs is your favourite?
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