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6 advantages of living in a small home

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There are huge benefits to living in a small home. They aren't just environmentally beneficial, they are also easier on the mind, spirit and wallet! The problem is that few people really understand how awesome little homes can be. The idea that bigger is better is so prevalent that the average person has come to drastically over-estimate their needs. So what are the benefits of living in a small home and how can we learn to appreciate them? Well, here at homify we love thinking about small living, so we're here to help! Come with us as we explore 6 benefits of small living. As usual we'll illustrate them with lots of lovely little interiors…

1. Cosiness

A house is not a home without a sense of cosiness. This kind of quality is particularly easy to create in a small home. A compact and cosy dwelling speaks to our primal instincts; it feels like a place to nest, relax, rejuvenate and take some time out from the demands of the world. So embrace the cocoon-like quality of your little home! Enhance it with plush furnishings, scents and textures that are pleasing to the senses. You'll find that the sensory elements and comforts just tend to coalesce far more easily than they do in a larger home.

2. More budget friendly

It's no secret that smaller homes are more budget friendly than larger homes. But what many people overlook are the hidden cost benefits of small living. Cooling, heating, maintenance and even decorating costs are drastically reduced in a smaller home. By reducing your perceived needs, you may even find that your outlook on life changes. This might even lead to a rebalance of your life priorities. Perhaps this could mean speeding ahead on financial goals or even cutting back on work to spend more time with family and friends.

3. Easier to decorate

The best part about a small home is that it's easy to decorate. All you need to do is choose one decorating theme and a neutral colour base upon which to build a few common accent colours. The space is relatively small, so the theme won't feel repetitious if it's continued across a few small rooms. Instead, it will feel subtle, unified and effortlessly chic. Let's not overlook the benefits of cutting down on the furnishings as well. It's best to keep things simple, so the furniture should be sparse. This often means there's a little more cash for investing in quality items too.

4. Easier to clean

Cleaning a large home can be a nightmare. There are forgotten corners, dusty areas and whole zones that tend to get cluttered over time. It's easy to let mess get really out of control in a larger home. But in a smaller home you'll be forced to clean more regularly and the clutter won't really build up in the same way. It also won't take as long. You might even do a speedy clean every evening, a deep clean on the weekend and have a perfectly pristine and lovely home. What's not to love about that!

5. Outdoor areas become the life of the home

If you need to choose between a relatively large apartment and a smaller one with a balcony—choose the balcony. A well set up balcony or terrace will quickly become a valuable extension of your living areas. This doesn't just give you a little more room to move, it will also provide several health benefits. Natural elements such as lush greenery and water features have a relaxing effect on our systems. They also encourage us to take a break from screen-based activities, stretch the body and enjoy the grounding benefits of outdoor life. A balcony might even provide hours of enjoyment cooking up a barbeque with loved ones.

6. Built for organised living

After moving all your things into a small home, it quickly becomes clear that there is simply no room for excess clutter or superfluous belongings. This is a good thing! Downsize, sell older items and embrace this new and more organised way of life. If you are setting up your first home, count yourself lucky. A home with few belongings is simple and a cinch to organise with some great storage solutions. There is no better base upon which to build a more organised and energised life!

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