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10 fantastic shoe storage ideas for your home!

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Have you ever been overwhelmed with too many pairs of shoes in the house? Well, you're not alone. Finding an ideal storage place for shoes can be very challenging, especially if you're living in a family home. With six pairs of children's shoes, five pairs of men's shoes, and fifty pairs of women's shoes, it's not really surprising that there is a storage problem. Well, we may be exaggerating the amount of women's shoes, but everyone knows how difficult it is to organize shoes in a house! Shoes often have complicated shapes and unequal sizes, and are sometimes dirty too. The most common way of storing shoes are conventional shoe racks, but they can be very boring and messy. Are there any better ways of storing shoes? To find out, continue reading this article, then take the most interesting ideas for your home and finally fix everything as if there were no tomorrow! Let's check out some of these suggestions for shoe storage shall we? 

Shoe cabinet under the stairs

This idea is genius! A stairwell is often an underused space, especially in the case of the most common staircase, so there is nothing better than to take advantage of it to store shoes or whatever you need. A shoe cabinet can be custom designed to fit under the stairs neatly, and by being hidden out of sight, it also lessens clutter and saves space. 

Bed storage

Storing shoes under the bed is not a new idea. However, the way it is usually done (with boxes) may wreck havoc when it comes to keeping your bedroom neat, tidy, and aesthetically decent looking. A better idea is to invest in a bed that comes with storage space underneath. For example, pictured here we see a wooden bed with drawers under the bed for easy storage. Those drawers are just perfect for shoes aren't they? 

Wardrobe with shoe storage

If you have a large wardrobe or the space to install one, do not forget the shoes! Use one of the compartments to install shelves of various sizes to be able to effectively pack flat shoes or high boots. This way you can store your shoes and everything you need to dress up in one place.  

For more inspiration, have a look at wardrobe designs here on homify

Hidden shoe cabinet

Sometimes putting shoes on display can be a part of the decoration too, but let's face it, not all our shoes are that beautiful or glamorous for us to display it proudly. Furthermore, keeping a tidy home is easier done when running shoes and dented boots are out of sight. Pictured here, we see a shoe cabinet disguised as a mirror, and this is an excellent idea to store shoes and keep them out of sight, while saving precious space. This hidden shoe cabinet is available from My Italian Living. 

Space-efficient shoe shelf

Simple and almost spartan, this space-efficient shoe shelf is also very unique. It's a fun solution for those who have little space and know that every centimeter should be used wisely. If we did not know what the horizontal slots were for, we would not have guessed that its purpose was to store shoes. This unique shoe shelf can be easily moved around and has a very appealing design that can do wonders in decorating the entrance of your home. 

Unique shoe cabinet

Who said storing shoes had to be boring? And why not use a single cabinet that composes the entrance of your home and at the same time serves to store your shoes as you enter the house? The only thing you need to ensure is that it has the necessary dimensions sufficient for the number of shoes, and deep enough so that the shoes, especially boots, do not get twisted and gain wrinkles that can damage the material. 

Children's shoe shelves

The shoes of our little ones are usually too adorable not to display. So why not expose them with these funky children's shoe shelves? The bright, sloping shelves depict trees in their form and shape, and serve a functional purpose as well as a decorative one. 

Display shoe shelf

If you're a shoe collector and proud to show off your pieces, we suggest getting a display shoe shelf like the one pictured here. The unique geometrical shape of the display shelf is sure to add visual interest to any space. To highlight your shoe collection even more, don't forget to add lighting. This one is surely for the shoe fanatics out there! 

Shoes and accessories stored together

If you're the kind that thinks shoes should always be combined with accessories, this suggestion is dedicated to you. Why not plan a system that combines the best of both worlds? For example, pictured here we see a perfect mobile storage that integrates shoes and accessories and allows for viewing and easier conjugation. Finally a shoe storage system to help you save time and give vent to the fashionista who lives in you!

Shoe closet

Are you ready for the most extravagant form of organization for shoes that we have seen? The cabinet you see in the picture is undoubtedly one of the most amazing solutions, ingenious and well achieved we've seen! This is truly a closet for those who are crazy about shoes. Earlier, we talked about how difficult it is to conveniently stow high boots. Here, the problem is solved by hanging it instead! Last but not least, note the various sizes of the compartments—some are smaller for flat shoes and others bigger for high-heeled shoes.

We hope you've been inspired by this listicle. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at the chic apartment with an edgy style

Which shoe storage idea do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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