A Hint of Mint

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Few things add an instant spark or point of interest to a room like a splash of colour. With a little artistic placement, the right restraint and choice of tone, incorporating a colour can greatly enhance the vibe and aesthetic of your home and influence the way people respond to it. Different colours evoke different emotions—red arouses passion (and supposedly increases appetite!), blue does the exact opposite, yellow is uplifting (but also has the rather grim association with psychiatric facilities), green is relaxing (though again, used in hospitals), and purple, well let’s not even go there! Choosing the right colour can be a tricky, though rewarding, manoeuvre and we need to be careful when making our choices. It’s a good idea to step back and ask a few questions first—where and how it will be used? What’s the room’s purpose? What are you trying to achieve with it? And, above all—what colour makes you feel good?

The following selections showcase a ‘hint of mint’, enough to remain subtle but enough to breath life and spirit into the space. An often-overlooked option, mint is a colour that immediately conjures feelings of freedom—the hue of 1960’s liberty, holiday house furniture, and foamy beaches in Tahiti. Mint is a fresh and versatile option in that it can act powerfully or subtly depending on the room, but always offers a clean, crisp and calming vibe.

Feature Furniture

This is the perfect example of crisp muted minty tones used in furniture. By using a subtle colour for individual pieces of furniture it can brighten and create instant interest. Different coloured or feature dining room chairs can be an excellent way to incorporate a little bit of colour without purchasing entirely new dining room furniture. In this instance, the lightness and freshness of the mint colour would work perfectly in a simple or small apartment, breathing renewed life to old dusty furniture. Being delicate and dainty, this furniture colour would also work excellently within a children’s nursery.

Bright Kitchen Elements

Looking to infuse some colour into your modern kitchen space? This kitchen has utilised a soft minty hue in both the benches and also the surrounding joinery trim. By adding this inviting splash of colour the room comes alive and creates interest in the space—add some bright and fresh contrasting decorations such as flowers or a vase and you’ve got yourself a functional, playful and exciting area.

Minty Feature wall

If your space is unable to be renovated and the kitchen splash back with wall feature is too involved, consider a feature wall of colour. In this example the minty tone contrasts perfectly with the dark timber kitchen and gives a slightly French country feeling.

Crockery and Tableware

An even easier way to include a specific colour palette throughout a room can be to purchase crockery or ornamentation in your chosen hue. If your budget is tight and a complete room renovation is out of the question, head to your local vintage or thrift shop for a bargain. Often the brightest and most colourful crockery exists in second hand stores, and the prices are often extremely low. Consider purchasing matching dinnerware, napkins, glassware, vases and even pictures frames for a quick and easy burst of creativity and spirit.

Beautiful Bedroom Linen

Is there anything more inviting than a perfectly made, soft and cosy bed dressed in quality linen? This particular bed shows how adding a few colours to the area can be simple and easy, provided you pick matching or nicely contrasting tones. Minty tones radiate relaxation, freedom and tranquillity; consider this colour for your bedroom and you will find yourself whisked away into a cool and calm room where your dreams may unfurl. Think beyond the bed too—add pillows, throw rugs, and floor cushions for a truly stylish and serene space.

Colourful elements within a fun and fresh child’s bedroom

Let’s not forget the children! Small hints of colour in a child’s room can hugely increase the atmosphere and ambience of your little ones space. In this example, it can be seen how easily one a simple white bed could be transformed with a painted barrier and ladder. Add to that mint or teal toned elements throughout the room, such as wall and floor shelving, and that simple bland room is suddenly a lot more nifty and sleek.

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