5 Impressive Bathroom Renovations

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Your bathroom is not just a space to freshen up and get ready for the day. It cannot really rejuvenate your body and mind unless it’s aesthetically pleasing, cosy and smart. A cluttered, cramped, gloomy or dank bathroom can drain your energy instead of infusing you with enthusiasm and drive. So here we have collated 5 inspiring bathroom makeovers which will surely inspire you for your own project. All of these suffered from one problem or the other, initially. Some were terribly messy, while others were old-fashioned and morose. Some had depressing designs while others simply looked dull. But they have all been transformed into bathing heavens now, and it’s time to check them out closely.

Before: A cramped and shabby bathroom

This bathroom originally featured colours and patterns which were not at all in harmony with one another. The overall effect was visually jarring, and the clutter added to the uninviting look and feel.

After: A neat and chic avatar

After renovation, the bathroom is now a sleek and smart vision in white. With modern sanitary fittings and a clever under-sink storage unit, this small bathroom is a stylish and cosy space now.

Before: A boring bathroom

The white colour palette of this dated bathroom lent it a drab look instead of making it appear neat and tidy. The tiles and fixtures were old, and a more contemporary look was urgently required.

After: Hello gorgeous!

The revamped bathroom is extremely modish and elegant. A crisp and smart shower enclosure, modern fittings, bright and cosy lamps, and stylish mirrors add pizzazz to this new bathroom. The splash of shiny black tiles behind the WC break the monotony of the creamy white palette nicely.

Before: A lifeless bathroom

This cleverly designed attic bathroom lacked life and spirit, owing to the drab overpowering whiteness all around. It also lacked cosy touches, which held it back from becoming a space where you could relax without a care.

After: A refreshing new look

The design and layout of the old bathroom was maintained, but the walls were freshly painted, the floor retiled, and a dash of soft blue was added for a stunning effect. Quaint miniature potted plants, a soft bathmat and some plush towels now make this bathroom an inviting space, where you can enjoy some spa time or relish the warmth of the sunlight filtering through the skylight.

Before: A drab and dated bathroom

The green mosaic tiles lining the floor, walls and even the tub in the bathroom, added zilch visual appeal previously. Also, the tub and the cabinet under the sink looked old-fashioned, and it was time to bring in something more exciting and chic.

After: Industrial chic rules

It’s hard to believe that this is the same bathroom we saw just now. The old chunky tub has given way to a smart glass-enclosed shower which in turn makes the bathroom look brighter and spacious. The fresh white walls and light-hued floor enhance this feel too, and make the bathroom appear bigger than it is. The sleek, dark under-sink cabinet and the peppy yellow bathmat offer a break from the white, along with the stylish clothes rack on the right. And another slim white cabinet has been added on the left of the sink, for holding towels, toiletries and more. This trendy bathroom makeover was executed by the interior designers and decorators at Espaces A Rever in Paris. 

Before: A deadly depressing bathroom

This old-fashioned bathroom with its boring tiles, dark floor, dated sanitary wares and cluttered shelf was anything but rejuvenating. It looked cramped and claustrophobic too.

After: A smart and bright makeover

An elegant blend of white and grey has now filled the bathroom with a spacious and cosy feel, and the ambiance seems more breathable. Sleek and modern fixtures have replaced the dated ones for a streamlined look, and the cleverly lighted niche above the WC is a wonderful addition for storage needs. A couple of artworks and miniature greens add to the freshness quotient of the new bathroom.

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your own old and dull bathroom, and turn it into a refreshing sanctuary with the revamp ideas shared above. Take a look at another transformation story about a home in Poland - Before and After: An Ordinary Polish Home Goes Wow!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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