Before and after: a bar renovation

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Opening a new business involves many decisions, but one of the most important has to do with the aesthetics, with the side of the business that you are going to show your customers. The appearance of the business front is essential for attracting the right clientele. It is your calling card and so you must consider the design very carefully. So when this bar in Bueu, Pontevedra, decided to make some changes and become a charming wine bar, they chose to undertake some renovations. The existing space, an old bar from the seventies, was converted into the cozy wine cellar Rosalinda. Join us to explore its transformation.

Welcome to Vinoteca Rosalinda

The designers had a few goals for the renovation. The first was to use the existing furniture and facilities as much as possible while still creating an entirely new space that would appeal to a wide range of customers. They wanted a bright, cheerful, friendly and modern space to attract attention from the street and invite people to come and taste their wines.


The appearance of the bar before the reformation shows a space with many possibilities, but with an outdated aesthetic that had little to do with the character the new owner wanted. But there were elements that could be used by changing just a few details. The marble bar, some furniture, the lamps… they just needed to find a way to make the space look less dull and more modern.

And after

Using a palette based on only three colours, white, turquoise and red, the transformation was intense. The roof, which was formerly painted pink, is now white, which serves to highlight one of the most authentic and aesthetic pleasing elements of the interior: the wooden beams. The tile floor has been preserved, but now the look of the bar is much more light and airy. The turquoise highlights the details, including the arch of the main room, the recessed shelving and the metal columns. Finally, the red accents of the furniture succeed in creating a festive, fun environment, perfect for a cheerful bar.

A corner before

This corner, isolated from the rest of the room with lattice work, did not seem like a very inviting place to sit! Here, as was the case in the rest of the room, the combination of pink, green and violet darkened the room and was a bit kitchy.

And after

Now the space has become a cosy, inviting corner. The lattice was removed, opening up this booth the rest of the bar. The colours were also  changed to match those of the main room. A small bar on the left side has been added, with stools and a bench on the opposite side. The table were recovered from the original design. The yellow and green cushions are the only points of colour out of the line with the red, white and turquoise, for a fun, eclectic look.

The lighting

Although some lamps, like those hanging over the bar, have remained from before, the rest have been changed to a more industrial, Scandinavian model. Since the space is a wine bar, the designers have cleverly used painted wine barrels as tables.

The details

In order to reuse much of the furniture, these stools were recovered with patterned fabrics that make them more comfortable and cosy. In addition, the legs were painted red.

Rosalindas and Fautos

The name of the bar is not arbitrary, Rosalinda comes from Faust. Hence the bathrooms here are not label women and men, but Rosalindas and Faustos. Again, a fresh look in this bright and cheerful wine bar.

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