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7 ways to give the bathroom a makeover on a budget

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Giving the bathroom a fresh look does not necessarily have to cost a lot of money. Featured here are a range of different ideas for a bathroom makeover on a budget. The ideas featured here don't require any permanent changes to the bathroom, making it ideal for people who are renting. 

Let's check out these 7 ways to give the bathroom a makeover on a budget. We hope you will find some helpful tips here. 

Interesting bathroom mirrors

Interesting looking bathroom mirrors can revitalize a bathroom instantly. Look for unusually shaped mirrors to add an intriguing elegance to the sink area, or to some other part of the bathroom if there is already a fixed mirror by the sink. 

Adding more mirrors in the bathroom will also make it seem more spacious. Mirrors can also help to cover up empty dull bathroom walls. One creative idea is to hang different kinds of small mirrors on one wall to create variation in style, instead of the typical large mirror in the middle of the wall. 

Plants in the bathroom

A simple thing like adding a few potted plants in the bathroom can make a world of difference. Plants give the bathroom a fresh look, and the greenery gives the space a tranquil feel.  Certain plants can also help remove odor or even add a natural fragrance to the bathroom. 

Wall decor in the bathroom

Many people often reserve wall decor for the living room or bedrooms. However, adding paintings and wall decor to the bathroom can make it feel more like an extension of the house, rather than an isolated part of the house. Bathroom walls are often neglected and left empty, when ironically there is ample time in the bathroom to sit and admire paintings! 

The latest trend in bathroom design is to make the bathroom look like a living space that is an extension of the house by for example adding furniture that would usually belong in the living room like upholstered armchairs. Wall decor can also help achieve this trending new look for bathrooms. 

Browse through bathroom designs here on homify for more ideas. 

Colorful bathroom mats

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Adding a splash of color to your bathroom can be refreshing, and it is easily done with a simple bathroom mat. For a more interesting effect, you can layer bathroom mats to add different textures to the bathroom. 

Don't be shy to use multiple colors and textures to give your bathroom a vibrant, fresh feel. 

Artistic shower curtains

Artistic shower curtains can give your bathroom a new face lift. By the way, doesn't this face look like Rafiki, the character from the Disney animated feature film, Lion King? 

Juniqe, an online shop based in Germany has an interesting assortment of shower curtains that may amuse you. 

Elegant bathroom accessories

River Stone Soap Trays Manufacturer - (container for soap, soap dish, tray towel, cup) homify BathroomTextiles & accessories

River Stone Soap Trays Manufacturer—(container for soap, soap dish, tray towel, cup)


Elegant bathroom accessories like these natural stone soap dispensers, soap dish, tray, and toothbrush holder can make your bathroom look like a spa without having to overspend. 

Curtains for the bathroom

If you're lucky enough to have a window in the bathroom, dress it up with a short length curtain. Use a sheer transparent material to let maximum natural light in, or a thicker material if you prefer more privacy. 

For more inspiration, have a look at bespoke bathrooms

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Did you find these tips for a bathroom makeover on a budget helpful? Let us know what you think in your comments below. 
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