Architecture: The chapel-shaped modern home

Leigh Leigh
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Berlin architecture professionals, Mohring Architects, are all about cutting-edge design that merges the traditional with the unconventional.

Today we will visit an unusual yet breathtaking modern home that plays on the concept and shape of a barn or a chapel in the countryside. It features a gable roof, lockable sliding shuts for protection from the sun (and the insects!) as well as privacy. 

We will also discover that the main openings of the home are two-storey glass windows on the east and west sides of the building. We love the two large black barn doors, which creative a very effective look and feel.

Let's take a look!

The cutting-edge facade

The first impression of the home is that it is very striking and impressive on the horizon! The gable roof looks very dramatic because of how tall this double-storey home is. 

The dark wooden facade works in harmony with the thatch and stone facade, creating a very rustic yet elegant look and feel. 

The use of glass throughout creates a seamless transition between the interior and the exterior, allowing panoramic views of the surrounds. We can also see the large barn doors here, which look very striking!

The barn doors

If we zoom in on the barn doors, we can see just how bold and and grand they truly are. They are finished in a darker wood, which contrasts with the light stone walls and thatch roof. The glass between them is very bold, chic and modern.

These doors can also be slid shut, allowing for privacy and shade for the interior. When they are open, they allow the interior of the home to spill out onto the garden. 

Don't you love how the lush green grass contrasts beautifully with the natural facade?

Open plan interior

The inside of the home is very chic and minimalist with light wooden floors and white walls. The glass windows and doors throughout allow sunshine to filter into this space, creating a very spacious and bright home.

The light colors create a homely interior that sets the base for any furniture or decor style!

We can see that the designers have gone for an open plan design, maximizing the space available—a great tip in a small home. This will also allow for a much more interactive and cozy home.

If you like this style, you'll love this space of minimalist splendor.

The modern bathroom

The designers have made sure that they utilize every square inch available, which is why we come across this very nifty little bathroom.

The bathroom is trendy, minimalist and hygienic with a sleek and modern sink, a large mirror and a cute little shower that fits stylishly into the nook in the wall.

A mirror is a great addition to any small space as it visually expands it, making it seem that much bigger and more spacious. It also reflects the natural light that streams into this space, making it that much more bright and inviting.

The second storey

If we make our way up the gorgeous wooden stairs, trimmed with white railings, to the landing, we can see how unique and impressive the design is. The architects have really played with the volume available to them. 

The architects have described the staircase as a sculpture-like element that hangs between the levels of the home. The second-storey leads onto a mini-suite with a private bathroom and a dressing room. There is also a little loft on a third floor!

The landing is designed like an interior balcony, giving the residents views of the levels below them from the top storey. This adds to spatial tension and the originality of the design.

The exterior

If we go back outside and look at the back of the home, we can see how the glass windows can be covered with wooden shutters, giving the family privacy as well as shade. This is a wonderful design!

While natural light is a wonderful element when it comes to modern homes, you want to be able to filter it in gently otherwise in summer your home could get very hot. This design also allows for the heat to be retained inside at night time. 

This image also shows us how dramatic the contrast is between the light brown sides of the home and the dark wooden facade, resulting in a very elegant look and feel.

If you like this home, you'll love this eco-friendly barn-style house.

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