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Majestic Marbled Bathrooms

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Eaton Mews North: Belgravia Modern bathroom by Roselind Wilson Design Modern
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A good bathroom ought to be an effortless haven for romantic daydreaming where one can leave the worries of the world behind, ensconced in a bubbly and luxurious bathtub, relaxed and rejuvenated from the rigours of the day to day. The fact is, when it comes to home design overhauls, bathrooms are typically the overlooked room of the house—think dirty, mouldy, 50’s teal tiled eyesores—neglected while the kitchens and living areas play first fiddle. Ultimately, the bathroom can make or break your home’s overall aesthetic integrity, and more importantly, your own sense of domestic comfort. 

Is it time to transform your faded bathroom into that clean, plush and impressive rejuvenation space that it longs to be? How to get there exactly? Well, you might consider a few fresh textures—maybe something cool, yet soft, natural with clean lines. Or for a real, time-tested slice of luxury, why not go all out with a little deluxe marble? The Romans had it right all along—check out these majestic renovations and see how the right use of this natural resource can make for a lavish and grand ambience to any bathroom space.

Marble marble everywhere!

Eaton Mews North - Master Bathroom Modern bathroom by Roselind Wilson Design Modern
Roselind Wilson Design

Eaton Mews North—Master Bathroom

Roselind Wilson Design

As famous pianist-showman, Liberace once said, “More of everything is wonderful!” Absurdity of Liberace aside, more marble is wonderful, something that can certainly be seen here in this stunning renovated bathroom. Fine Carrara marble used as both floor and wall tiles to add an opulence that could only be achieved with such a fine natural stone. Add bespoke freestanding bathtub and large double sink cabinet (with marble counter) for a modern, magnificent bathroom—the envy of all.

Clean crisp marble flooring and wall tiling

Here, stone is once again being utilised as a wall and floor tile, which increases the warmth of the room while maintaining a cool and spacious feel. If space is at a minimum, consider a wall and floor tile that expands the space as much as possible while engendering a cool, yet cosy feeling. Angular fittings and accessories, such as the toilet and sink again work in conjunction with the marble for an uncluttered, clean and calm result. Working well with the room’s width and length and the large width window, the marble finish heightens the feeling of space and provides an unrestricted view and openness that is usually difficult to achieve.

Dark and mysterious marble

Modern design often incorporates the light and airy approach, but a dark marble can deliver something even more. Contrasted with the huge freestanding bathtub, this dark marble floor tile is perfect for the tone and atmosphere of this very luxurious and classically designed bathroom. Aside from the enchanting and enigmatic appearance, there are other more practical and obvious benefits to using dark marble. Firstly, it’s not a tile that will require constant maintenance—unlike its light coloured twin, dark marble hides dirt and grime, resisting the need to be constantly polished and maintained. Dust? Forget about it. Dark marble hides it. Add a matching counter with twin basins and you’re on your way to a seriously low maintenance bathroom. Luxury, class and beauty that doesn’t need to be cleaned each and every day. A seriously great bathroom.

Monochromatic marble

Stephanie Coutas's projects Modern bathroom by Stephanie Coutas Modern
Stephanie Coutas

Stephanie Coutas's projects

Stephanie Coutas

Monochromatic marble: minimalism in its most stunning form. This is a bathroom that will turn heads. Contrasting grey and white marble allow this space to feel open, airy and impressive. A space saving heated towel rack built into the wall and a fully enclosed shower makes this majestic bathroom to stand tall.

Earthy natural tones

Straight out of an advert for a 5-star luxury spa, this bathroom is your own private oasis. Warm stone tiles adorn the floor and a timber counter compliments the earthy feeling. Walls are white and inviting, clean and simple, a hint of colour peeks from flowerpots and hangs from the towel rack.  Topped off with a low and wide plan tub, this space is suitable for washing away all of the days stresses—the bathroom of many dreams.

Modern houses by Casas inHAUS Modern

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