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The style we know in architectural terms today as Balinese, is a derivative of the traditional style of Indonesian and Balinese style homes, cottages and temples. Using these buildings as a vernacular, homify India experts Atelier have designed the interiors of this marvellous villa in New Delhi, using the island of Bali as their inspiration. In terms of tropical architecture, it is by far the most popular, due to the use of naturally sourced materials, attention to climatic conditions and nowadays, association with resort-style living.

The most important element of the Balinese style is creating a space that responds to the environment. In this case, stone, wood and floral details, are often added to homes in respect, and paying homage to the divine laws of nature. Circulation is also important; one must be able to navigate a space with ease, filtering from one room to the next without guidance. So, without further ado, let's begin our tour of this regal Balinese-style property!

A Grand Facade

Before we begin our tour of the interior, we will take a moment to absorb the regal facade of the exterior. Potted plants, a patio and lounge chairs, create an area that is perfect to spend sunny days either in solitude or in the company of friends and family. Straight away, we see natural forms takinf center stage. The interesting and intricately shaped varends adds depth and interest to the outdoor space. It has been cleverly positioned to ensure that the interior spaces aren`t blasted with sunlight during the peak of the warm weather. The stone floor, in pale grey, also ensure the space will remain cool, so that you can spend as long as possible outside in the open air.

Serene interiors

As mentioned in the introduction, the resort-style setting that bali has become popular for, is now commonly included when Balinese-style architecture is reinterpreted. Adding an elegant and classic charm, the pale green silk arm chair curvaceous side table give the sitting room a modern day feel. So as not to take away from the theme, many wooden elements have been incorporated, as well as touches of greenery and gold. The potted plan brings an essential element of energy to the room, bringing nature indoors to a setting that is serene and subdued. The Atelier interior design studio know all tooo well the importance of open spaces, and therefor have created a room that air can easily pass from one side of the house to the next.

Wooden Tones

Wood is one of the most vital aspect of the Balinese style, and in this room, we see it used to great effect. From furniture to larger fixed elements, wood can be used in the virually almost any situation. The beauty of timber finishes is that it never dates, meaning that the finish stays forever.

Full height

No grandiose villa would be complete without atleast one room that employed a double-height wall situation. Looking down on the lounge , this double height wall is painted a stunning shade of grey, and fitting wonderfully with a pattern of grey tiles. Similar to the outdoor area, we now see a juxtaposition between the two space, with both indoor and outdoors spaces respecting one another. The other benefit, in terms of sustainability, is that rooms with large volume of air, are much easier to bentilate, as evidenced by the wall of windows to the right. In conjuction with the brick exterior, this sitting room should be ar a comfortable temperature all year round.

Clever Divisions

Screens are also an interesting interior detai in Balinese-styles architecture. In this case, we see a delicately crafted screen dividing the staircase friom the main rout of passage. Perhaps subconsciously, this clever partition lets us now thatthe more intimate and private spaces are upsatairs, and invites us further into the home where the rooms for greeting and socialising are situated. The bronze colour complements the tone on the staircase railing, helping to tie all wooden and coloured elements together.

We hope you have enjoyed your tour inside this wonderful Balinese villa, and perhaps may leave this page feeling inspired to decorate your home in the same styles!

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