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11 Weird But Wonderful Interiors

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
Kayak staircase Preetham Interior Designer Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
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In order to stand out from the crowd, sometimes all you need is to pick some odd and weird combinations and designs for your interior home decoration. Certain homeowners and designers have chosen to design and experiment to bring some unique, eye catching ideas for interiors and make the daring decoration a wonderful display in some of the most average homes all around the world. 

What is the best part here? You do not need to do a lot to make your home look out of the league. Just have a glimpse at these inspirations, brought to you by our team to let you know how a little play makes a big difference.

A New Edge

SADHWANI BUNGALOW 1 Square Designs Modern style bedroom
1 Square Designs


1 Square Designs

If plaster made painted ceilings and walls are just a No No for you then here is something new for you. A unique triangular structure rising from the wall and proceeding to the ceiling and to the other end is really a great designing structure for everyone to look upon. However, you definitely need a big space to fit it into your home.

The Hanging Bathroom

Look at this marvelous and colorful hanging grooming area designed by ATELIER DESIGN N DOMAIN which is really a cool idea. The hanging slab and colorful wall, benches and surrounding just get quirky and interesting at the same time. Now that's something new to look at!

The Round Bed

Nest - Private residence at Koregaon Park TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd. Modern style bedroom
TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd.

Nest—Private residence at Koregaon Park

TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd.

While we have seen many round beds but this bedroom area showcases something truly weird to sleep upon. A bed placed upon a half cylindrical shaped structure which proceeds to the ceiling and has a fan hanging within. Moreover, the concentric book shelf is like a perfect fit case here but definitely requires an experimental individual to try on. 

The Jungle Effect

A serene environment, white and pristine walls, chairs, an elegant ceiling with beautiful chandeliers and a black colored wall with sugarcane like structures printed over it. Doesn't it takes you to a new world? The designer successfully manages to sweep all the eyes towards the wall instead of boring aesthetics. 

Want to incorporate more black in your home, head over here

Kitchen's Den

While room dividers are a common sight in open area spaces, a den like structure separating the dining area from kitchen and a wooden table with wood like benches are sure to make anyone think twice. The pastel shades on wall are contrasting to the rustic and wild feel of the counter top and chairs. 

An Ancient Wall

Living Room ZERO9 Country style living room

Living Room


An ancient collection of pots, traditional wall design, spotted paint and lanterns hanging from ceiling paired alongside a very minimally designed sofa is definitely not an easy sight to be found these days. This decoration will work good for guests or your living room.

Quirky Pop

When you build a house, you stick to the idea of creating walls clear and white but as soon as you plan to put things up, you find it really boring. Create a dramatic and electric look by adding colorful and contrasting cushions, rug, pillows, flowers, painting and fill the room with surprises. 

The Colorbox

Pimpalgaonkar House homify Asian style living room

Pimpalgaonkar House


While we have a notion that a single room must have a single theme or complementary colors used within, looking at this sample will definitely give you some Weirdness Goals. Almost all colors from the palette have been used and the onlooker will be unable to find the coordination in between elements. 

Really, a happy place to live in.

Musical Stairs

If you are in love with music or bored of those steep rising stairs then get a life hair with these musical stairs. The guitar shaped staircase with the grills on side in the similar shape is all you need to create an attention seeking space within a big hall. The combination of silver and woods is little odd an a rare spot as well.


Lobby groupDCA Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

How about a wall that is full of mirrors of small sizes and all the glitters acting as a throwback to classic times. Though it look very decent at first look but then, who have seen mirrors everywhere on the wall and didn't found them awesomely wonderful?

The Swirling Rise

Straight staircases are ideal for many homes but there is no loss if you try out these swirling and twisting staircases to climb from one floor to another. They won't take up a lot of space and still manage to call other's attention towards themselves!

Which one was really awkward?
Casas inHAUS Modern houses

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