5 Creative Ideas for Indian Homes

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When you think of art deco, the words bold and flashy come to mind. The style originated in France during the period between the First and the Second World Wars but has remained popular ever since. While the use of geometric patterns, gold and metal makes it perfect for a luxurious home (like in the Great Gatsby movie), it can work just as well in a small apartment or home.

These 5 Indian homes, which replicate elements from the style, will make you fall in love with art deco all over again.

​Layered Lighting

Lighting is an important feature in the art deco era. It is used to alter the mood in a room through layered lighting that can be adjusted for making it brighter or muted. This bedroom is a perfect example of modern art deco design. Besides the lights in the false ceiling, metal hanging lampshades in a corner and recessed lighting shining through the gap between the wall and the ceiling add a mesmerising look to the room. The sunburst like wall art in bold blue and green completes the look.

It’s easy to add an art deco feel to your home by using some of the elements mentioned above but you should take care not to overdo it as using too much of gold and metal can make the room look a bit over the top. For more inspiration take a look at this ideabook that has art deco design tips.

​Lacquered Furniture

Moving away from classic polished wood, the furniture during the art-deco era featured lacquer or glossy paint finishes that added glitz and glamour. The gorgeous gold painted foyer table in this professionally designed home perfectly captures the essence of the style. The framed mirror on the wall, which is another commonly used art deco accessory, carries through the look to perfection.

​Metal Fixtures and Furniture

The use of gold, bronze, metal or steel in furniture and fixtures is another prominent feature of the art deco era. In this home, the golden chandelier over the dining table, matching wall lamps in the living area and the glass-topped metal side table infuse touches of the art deco style into the room. The overall look is luxurious!

​Geometric Shapes

Breaking away from the floral motifs and flourishes of classic design, art deco brought with it a shift towards geometric patterns. Although it conveys a more modern representation of the style, this lovely home uses circular wall panels on two adjacent walls in the open-plan living and dining area, adding an art-deco feel to the interiors. The look is further reinforced by the living-room carpet, which has a layered geometric pattern that is typical of the style.

​Bold Curves

The sweeping curve of the staircase, which adds an eye-catching element to this home, is also art deco inspired. The bull’s eye pattern at the bottom of the stairs keeps with the geometric design that is characteristic of the style. Pastel walls and light colour furnishings enhance the look.

Which of these art-deco elements would be perfect for your home? Reply in the comments below.

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