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11 cleaning tips for a spotless kitchen

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Who doesn’t like a sparkling kitchen that brings out one’s inner chef?! A messy kitchen can be especially embarrassing when a guest stumbles into it during a party.

Keeping a kitchen spotless isn’t easy, but by following a routine, it is achievable. If you are one of those people who don’t know where to start with sorting out your kitchen, these 11 tips will help you.

​Clear Clutter

Make it a habit of putting away dishes or containers as soon as you have finished with them. Cluttering up the countertops prevents them from getting cleaned well, resulting in dirt and grime that take a lot more effort to scrub down later.

​Scrub the Stove Spotless

The stovetop is one of the most difficult-to-keep-clean elements in any kitchen. It sees spills and splashes when things boil over or splatter from pans. The trick is to scrub it clean or wipe it down every time you use it. If you don’t have the time for this every day, at least do it once or twice a week.

​Add Some Greenery

Grow a few fragrant herbs or some air-purifying plants in your kitchen. They not only add a refreshing feel to the room but also make it smell good and keep the air clean.

Wash Dishcloths and Linen

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If you use dish cloth, oven mitts or pot holders, make sure you have hooks designed for air-drying them when not in use. Check them regularly to see if they are soiled or stained and put them in the wash as soon as they get dirty.

​Rearrange the Pantry

Check your pantry shelves or cupboards and rearrange them often. Discard products that are past their expiry date. Rinse and dry storage containers before refilling them.

​Inspect the Vegetable Tray

Check the baskets where you store vegetables to make sure everything is fresh. Discard overripe vegetables before they start to give out a rotten stench.

​Get a Draining Basket




Unless you have a dishwasher or a cabinet with a draining rack fitted over your sink, it’s a good idea to get a small rust-proof wire or plastic draining basket or tray near your sink. It not only provides a more hygienic way of letting dishes dry but also keeps the countertop stain-free.

​Wipe Clean the Oven/Microwave

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The interiors of ovens and microwaves get soiled with food and oil splashes caused due to cooking or reheating. Use a mild cleaning spray and a damp cloth to wipe them down after each use or at least every two or three days to keep them clean.

​Don’t Leave Containers Open

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Leaving ingredients, such as flour or sugar in open containers attracts insects, and before you now it, your kitchen will be infested with them. Use air-tight containers to avoid this.

​Keep the Sink Sparkling Clean

Kitchen sinks have grease and grime passing through them every day. Make it a point to scrub the sink daily so that the grime doesn’t build up.

​Clear Out the Refrigerator Frequently

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Refrigerators need to be inspected regularly to ensure that there is nothing rotting inside. Make it a practice to wipe down your refrigerator shelves at least once a week so that it forces you to take stock of what needs to be thrown out.

Make a kitchen cleaning schedule. Stick it on your refrigerator, and follow it diligently to keep your kitchen spotless. For more tips on home cleaning, view this ideabook.

Do you have any kitchen cleaning tips to share? Let us know in the comments below.
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