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7 Reasons to Include Sliding Doors in Your Small Home

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Sliding doors are most commonly used in modern homes for their space-saving convenience. They don’t require space to open inward or outward, giving homeowners more floor space to play around with, whether it’s for adding a piece of furniture or a larger rug. However, they can do a lot more than just saving space. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider having them in your small home.

​Reduce Noise & Pollution

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Balcony makeover—English

Studio Earthbox

In urban areas, where the city noises such as traffic or construction work can disturb you during the day or at night, double-glazed glass sliding doors can keep your small home tranquil. They slide flush into the frame, blocking out sound much better than regular doors. When closed, they also act as a protective barrier, keeping your home relatively free from dust and pollution.

​Privacy Partitions

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In studio apartments with an open-plan design, sliding doors work wonderfully as partitions that hide away private spaces such as the bedroom. In this apartment, the accordion-style sliding doors can be folded back to make the apartment look spacious, but while entertaining guests, the doors can be closed to offer privacy in the bedroom.

​Wardrobe Cover

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A Master Bedroom For Him And Her


In a small room with limited space, sliding doors are ideal for wardrobes as they provide easier access to storage without taking up too much space. Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, like in this well-designed bedroom, need just one sliding door for each vertical section instead of two or three doors or drawers for covering each shelf.

​Airy Ambiance

Sliding glass doors are the perfect option for creating a sense of spaciousness in a small room. The full-length glass doors in this tiny bedroom open out to the attached balcony, creating the impression that the room is much larger than it actually is. Sliding doors with mirrors are another alternative for making a room feel bigger.

​Splash Guard

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Deshmukh Residence

Ornate Projects

In a small bathroom with a bathtub, sliding doors are not only sturdier alternatives to shower curtains but they also help to keep the floor and countertops free from soap or water splashes.

​Natural Light

In most urban areas, homes on the lower floors tend to be dark due to the surrounding buildings blocking natural light. Wall-to-wall sliding doors attached to balconies or terraces, like in this home, help to invite in as much sunlight as possible to make the room brighter.

​Separating Workspaces

For those who have home offices located at the corner of their living room or dining area, sliding doors can help to separate the workspace from the rest of the home – a useful feature when you have clients visiting. It also keeps the clutter in the office hidden away when you are entertaining guests at home.

A well-designed sliding door can add to the look of your small home by blending with the décor theme. Glass doors have a lovely minimalist feel. In contrast, wooden or shuttered sliding doors have warmth and act like curtains, allowing you to adjust the amount of natural light in the room. For sliding door designs for your home, visit this ideabook.

Where in your home would you consider using a sliding door? Reply in the comments below.
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