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20 photos of modern and unbeatable bathrooms that are affordable for everyone

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Whose home has a really nice bathroom? Often we tend to neglect this area of the house that it should be well designed. We all deserve to have the perfect bathroom, don't we? 

Firstly, it should definitely still be functional, so although it might not be the biggest space, it should still allow anyone to move with a certain agility in the area. Secondly, this room should be equipped with quality materials, because we are talking about an environment with increasingly high humidity, where condensation and possibly mould are on the agenda. Last but not least, the aesthetic beauty is always a necessity!

If you're just looking for the perfect bathroom, today we will give you 21 really incredible inspirations that you might want to follow!

1. The modern bathroom with quality finishes

The modern bathroom, as indeed all the rooms of the house, should be bright. The colours of the coatings are the key to achieving this goal, but remember that marble, ceramic or stoneware are the materials that will touch the hands and feet with luxury. 

2. Romantic bathroom in the attic

We begin with one of the most common desires: a bathroom with a sense of luxury and romance. Here we are in a very romantic wooden attic. We love the warm materials and the combination of shower and bath!

3. Classic and modern

In this bathroom the shower stands out perfectly to occupy the larger part of the room, taking up the entire back wall. The sink was placed instead in a niche created specifically to avoid obstructing the entrances of the shower stall.

4. Geometric design

In the next room, what stands out is the LED lighting chasing the geometry and proportions of the furniture. The designers made predominant use of the rectangular shape even takes hold of the wall cladding as a distinctive two-tone pattern.

5. Stone effect

In contrast, the next bathroom has the impact of an entire stone wall, which has its elegance enhanced by the aesthetic value in the clean and classy environment. A handful of white does not fail!

6. Modern budget bathroom

The salvation of every small bathroom: the shower enclosure with two sliding doors that perhaps is already present in your home. This modern example is composed of 8 mm tempered glass with profiles, frame and window frames made of stainless steel.

7. The Scandinavian bath

In a wonderful attic with wood trim and white plaster, we find our next project of the bathroom including shower and mobile laundry basket. Wood is the undisputed winner of interior spaces!

8. Splash of colour

In this apartment in the centre of Naples, the bathroom is configured through the mixture of colour and shapes that prevail in the design of the floor, with the presence of a mobile support to wooden washbasins to emphasise linearity. The colour also turns yellow on the door that closes the partially open drawer.

9. Shabby chic

As if it were made from rough stone itself, the bathroom so covered will be presented with a stage character, in front of which the charm will be almost impossible to resist. In the case in which the house was already composed mainly of stone, the task would be much more immediate even at the level of costs and potential.

10. Rustic yet modern

To beautify even more rustic bathroom where stone reigns supreme, you can, for example, alternate this with decorative panels in patterns that do not conflict too much with the rest of the rustic coating, but rather complement the stone shades.

11. Modern and warm

The shower can be transparent, but if we want to have more privacy we can choose something different.On one side of this steel structure, we can see opal glass was used to separate the shower from the toilet area.

12. Perfect measurements

The furnishings are the main element of the environment, denoting a definite character and style. It's important to choose them with care and attention, in a consistent and adequate manner, satisfying your appetites and  needs. Better not to overfill the space to make it messy and impractical.

13. Partition wall

In this room, which is almost entirely white, we find a contrast in the blinds and floor in dark hues, from brown to anthracite black. White, however, remains the main leitmotif of the bathroom. To confirm this, we also see the beautiful wall system, used as a divider between the relaxation area with a spa and health area.

14. Simple but effective

In this bathroom, we can see the prevalence of brightness in the use of white and clean lines of the sink, emphasised and enhanced by the chrome metal structure. The lights are arranged so as to emphasise the weightlessness and airiness of this small, elegant and functional bathroom.

15. Bathroom with shower

The bathroom in question has a bath instead of a shower. The tank was replaced with a spacious shower which is so very convenient. Instead of the old unhygienic bathtub, we now have a box in steel and glass that gives the bathroom a whole new appeal.

16. Harmony

This bathroom is a combination phenomenal white and wood. The elements are arranged in a harmonious way of creating contrasts and interruptions of thought and consciousness.

17. Fresh and bright

We are fascinated by the simple and sunny atmosphere of typical Mediterranean houses, aren't we? Then why not choose for our bathroom a coating with small ceramic tiles characterised by cheerful, stylised floral patterns? To complete the effect, we match a floor on the turquoise tones, like the ocean, bringing about a fresh and light atmosphere.

18. Without tiles

We can also leave exposed the brickwork on a portion of the wall, as we see in this particular case. We will create a highly effective solution, with a very minimal expense.

19. Mediterranean style

Here is another proposal in a Mediterranean style that  can be fresh and balanced.

20. A bathroom with wallpaper

On the market today, you can find a wide range of special wallpaper, made with a specific technology that makes them resistant to moisture and therefore also ideal for environments such as the bathroom or kitchen, characterised by a high production of water vapour and condensation.

Take a look at this ideabook on how to: Use wallpaper in your very own bathroom!

21. Totally white

Transforming an old bathroom into a comfortable and functional one can often seem to be a difficult undertaking, or impossible if not at the cost of long structural interventions which are complicated and above all very expensive. A tip to keep in mind, which can simplify the scope of the interventions, is to exploit the use of white.

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