13 ridiculously good modern wall ideas

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ACABADOMATE Modern style bedroom
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Alcoves, niches or built-in shelving; whatever you call it, we've found some great examples that are going to make you want to reach for a hammer and get to work.

Perfect for adding additional storage capacity to your home, or even just a wonderfully decorative feature, these often forgotten delights can be added anywhere, from your hallway to your bedroom and everywhere inbetween. 

If you're not sure they're for you, prepare to have your mind changed as we're diving into some stunning alcoves right now!

1. Add a little inset texture to a blank wall

With a stone-filled alcove and downlights.

2. Perfect edges are easy to achieve with plastered alcoves

They also make great display cubbyholes!

3. ​Go avant garde

And minimalist with alcoves of different shapes and sizes, all finished in white.

4. Continue your alcove theme

By including room dividers that have similarly proportioned spaces cut out, which will keep the room feeling large.

5. Opt for symmetrical alcoves

If you're trying to achieve a modern look.

6. Forgotten corners can be inset

To offer a little extra display or storage capacity.

7. Boxy wall-mounted shelves

Are a great way to get the alcove look without cutting into your surfaces.

8. Unusually-shaped alcoves

Living Room ZERO9 Country style living room

Living Room


Look great in an uneven wall. These domes are stunning!

9. Rustic alcoves always work well in a heritage house with personality

Who needs straight lines?

10. Taper an alcove into a window

For a unique and perspective-challenging look.

11. Lit horizontal alcoves

Perfect as bookshelves in a modern master bedroom.

12. Cut an alcove recess into a wall

Then decorate it with contrasting statement wallpaper for a fabulous feature wall that will work anywhere.

13. Well-lit alcoves make ideal trophy cabinets

For those who like to show off a little! A few of these in a man cave would go down a treat.

For more great wall inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 15 Cool Kitchen Wall Ideas (You Should Definitely Steal!).

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