10 Ideas For Small Dining Rooms

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Living in a small apartment requires maximizing the use of available space. Not every layout can accommodate a large dining room. Most apartments have a common living and dining area. Some have an open-plan that includes the kitchen too. In the division of space, often the dining area gets the smallest share.

How do you make a small dining room look comfortable without feeling too cramped? Take a look at these 10 homes to get a few design ideas.

​Square It

For a really small dining area that is box-shaped, instead of opting for a rectangular table, think out of the box and go square. The shortened length will occupy less space and make the area look and feel bigger.

Add Depth

If you don’t have space, try to create it using visual trickery, like in this small dining room. Choosing a four-seater table makes the area seem bigger than if you crammed a six-seater into the same space. In addition, the panel on the background wall uses a combination of dark and light shades and diffused lighting to create depth and enhance the sense of spaciousness.

Reflect Space

It’s probably the oldest trick in the book, but it works without fail. Add mirrors on the walls to reflect light and make the area seem larger than it is. In this home, the clever use of mirrors on the sideboard and hutch cabinet brilliantly achieves this.

Get Flexible Seating

Instead of crowding the dining space with more chairs than you require daily, opt for a bench on one side. It can be placed in the living area, and moved to the table whenever you need additional seating.

​Put in on the wall

Build a dining table-cum-crockery-cabinet that you can pull down at meal times and fold back into the wall when it is not in use.

Do Away With Sideboards

Undeniably, a sideboard is a convenient feature in a dining area as you can store crockery and cutlery where it is easily accessible, but don’t add it at the cost of space. The dining room in this home looks modern, and it distracts from the lack of space using contrast-coloured chairs and beautiful hanging lights.

​Make Things Clear

Another ingenious idea for giving a spacious feel to the dining area is to get chairs and tables that are see-through. The clear-backed chairs in this professionally designed dining room give an airy feel to the small space.

Go Long

If the space reserved for your dining table is in a small passageway, consider placing a long, narrow table instead of the standard four-by-six-feet version. This helps to make the area seem longer and provides sufficient space for walking around.


If you can’t do without a sideboard in the dining area, another way to save space and provide sufficient area around the seating is to get a circular or oval dining table. It does away with the corners and adds a sense of spaciousness.

​Against the Wall

Place the dining table against the wall to make more room in the passageway between the living area and the kitchen. This also frees up the corner for a small sideboard or cabinet.

Designing small spaces can be challenging, but it isn’t impossible to create a lovely dining area that is charming and cosy. For additional ideas on dining room design, view this ideabook.

What tips do you have on small dining room design? Share them with us in the comments below.

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