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9 easy ways to create a relaxing environment at home

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When you think about it, your home is the place that you come back to every day to relax. It’s also where you spend most of your time, whether it’s bonding with your family or hosting parties for your friends. So, shouldn’t it have a lovely relaxing Zen-like quality that makes everyone feel calm and happy?

These tips will help you create a warm, welcoming and relaxing ambiance in your home, but be prepared for your guests not wanting to leave!

​Play with the Lighting

Artificial lighting has an important role to play in setting the mood indoors. Use muted lighting or candles to create a relaxing ambiance. Lampshades and spotlights can also be used to highlight calming features in your home to add a tranquil feel.

​Remove Clutter

For positive energy to flow freely through your home, you need to avoid anything that blocks its movement. Declutter your home and keep your counters and tabletops free to create a calm space, like in this professionally designed home. Make sure that you don’t have furniture cluttering up passageways or blocking the wind from flowing through your home. 

​Maximize Natural Lighting

A bit of sunshine makes everyone feel happy. Natural light has the same effect inside a home. Try to bring in as much of it as possible into your home. Glass doors, panelled windows and skylights are ideal for inviting natural light into the rooms.

​Create a Space for Relaxation

Everyone needs some ‘me’ time to relax, clear their thoughts and unwind. If you enjoy meditation, create a cosy corner where you can do so. Alternatively, if you love the outdoors, create a relaxing nook on the balcony of your bedroom or living room.

Bring in Nature

A garden area or courtyard of a house is a great place for relaxation.  If you live in an apartment and don’t have the space for a small garden on your terrace or balcony, add a few potted plants inside your home. Plants have a way of adding a relaxing ambiance to any room.

Display Beautiful Art

Use paintings to beautify your home and create a zen-like feel. Depending on your preferences, choose lovely landscapes, bright portraits, posters or religious art to achieve the effect.

​Paint it with Soothing Colours

Pastel shades such as light blue and green help to recreate the calming tones of the sea and the forest. Use it to infuse a relaxing touch in your home. Choose furnishings that match the theme to complete the look.

​Add a Fountain

The sound of gushing water or waves refreshes one’s senses. Try to get a small fountain in your home. It could be a stone fountain in the garden or a table-top version in your living room.

​Make it Fragrant

Have you ever wondered why you feel relaxed as soon as you enter a spa? It’s the calming fragrance in the air. Use scented candles or aromatic oil diffusers to spread a soothing fragrance throughout your home.

Try out these tips in your home to see whether you can enhance its Zen. For ideas on creating a relaxing space in your home check out this ideabook.

What is your favourite tip for creating a relaxing home? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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