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A Modern House with Pops of Surprise

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Come and join us on an exciting tour of Casa Habitación Amézquita Córdova in Tepatitlan de Morelos in Mexico. Designed by the innovative architects at 810 Arquitectos, this large and impressive house is an amalgamation of cutting-edge designs and mind-blowing texture play. Stone, metal and concrete have come together in an aesthetically stunning manner to create a striking exterior and chic interiors. Wood, glass and lush dashes of natural greenery make their presence felt too. What we also love is how this residence has imbibed the vibrant Mexican spirit in its structure, through a clever use of colours. So take a closer look at the property now, to know more.

Colourful Façade

When it comes to the façade, the colours were the first thing that caught our eye. The designers have created a unique palette for the outdoors with colours like white and chrome and a peppy dash of orange for that vibrant quality. The nearby area has been left au natural.

Contemporary Edge

While you may have seen a cane or wooden trellis many times, this one is quite a novelty, thanks to the flat chrome strips that make up the gate. The chic industrial look gets a contemporary feel which gives the structure a homely character as well.

Whimsical Look

Despite the scale of the structure, the home has a warm and welcoming feel with whimsical orange peeping out from its various corners. The stone accents lining the windows make the narrow spaces look stylish too.

Stone Finishes

The play of colour and textures in the structure is what really sets the home apart. The jagged stone walls and the metallic grille make for a classic back to basics look that heralds the fusion of contemporary and natural elements.

The Quirky Kitchen

A fiery orange microwave is what caught our eye at the very first glance in this golden-hued kitchen. The sensible cabinets accommodate all the remaining appliances in an intelligent manner, so that you have ample space to move around. The matte finish chrome appliances stand out against the creamy surroundings as the kitchen shines in a light of its own!

Modern Touches in the Stone Bathroom

The stone bathroom has a modern layout with contemporary fittings. The wok bowl like sink sits on a sleek wooden cabinet as the stone tiles shimmer with a stylish glow.

An Oasis of Sorts

The courtyard within the home regales us with a green oasis that offers quite a respite from the urban leanings around the home. The middle section has been left exposed with mulch, mud and earthy pebbles, as a tall plant stands to one side for a chic look.

The medley of different intriguing textures, finishes, sharp lines and angles, and sudden pops of orange make this swanky residence one of a kind. It lends the idea of simplicity a whole new edge, and makes it work towards stylish heights. Take another tour for more ideas - An Opulent Turkish Home with Stylish Surprises.

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