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From Dismal House to Seaside Retreat

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Modern houses by Selecta HOME Modern
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We are in the beautiful Spanish port city of Valencia today, and it is right on the Orange Blossom Coast which witnesses the confluence of the Mediterranean Sea and Turia River. Valencia is famed for its many beaches, walking trails and futuristic architectures. And it is also home to many simple and old houses which are trying their best to become more contemporary and stylish. One such abode is the La casita del mar, which was previously a long single-storey building existing in a bad shape. Clutter and gloominess ruled the house, before the architects at Selecta Home stepped in to lend it a modish facelift. New colours, textures, designs and ideas were ushered in to make the revamped home a stunning place to enjoy a good life.

The facade gets freshened up

The owner wished to retain the original facade of the house, so Select a Home just buffed it up and made it as good as new. Simply compare the dreary left side of the facade with the smarter and more visually appealing right side to understand what we mean. The doors and floor are all spruced up now with new polishes and fresh tiles. A few changes did seem to be in order—the new grilles have a neater look to them and the sconce lights next to the doors flaunt a sleek design. The new facade definitely has a more contemporary look.

Before: A messy and awful living room

What a shabby state of affairs! The living room looked dull, dismal and wholly uninspired. Things lay scattered almost anywhere and everywhere. How could anyone expect to relax in such a space?

After: Living in style

What a transformation! Optimum advantage has been taken of the length of the room and the living area looks airy, bright, sleek and elegant. The terrazzo flooring is gone and the new flooring together with the occasional splashes of rich brown wood, complement the white furniture and immaculate white walls beautifully. A brown patterned wall facing the short arm of the white L-shaped sofa holds a big screen TV. What a wonderful setting in which to relax!

After: A modern dining area and kitchen

The dining area wins us over with its sheer style and modernity! A rich wooden shelf running along the wall expands into a dining table – a unique idea indeed! The white dining chairs have a futuristic design while four snazzy cylindrical lights hang from the ceiling, making for a truly designer dining experience. Functionality is the key in the kitchen. It is cosy and compact yet looks classy. The teaming of white-edged grey tiles with all-white fittings is a stroke of genius—giving an elegant tone to a small, functional space!

After: Understated elegance in the bedroom

Simple, cosy and serene are the words that come to mind when we look at this bedroom. The designer lamps on either side of the bed and the little lights in the ceiling lend the perfect touch of sophistication to a proudly simple room. The beautifully patterned bedspread breaks the monotony of white wonderfully, while the built-in white closet offers space saving storage solutions.

Before: A horrifying backyard

Oh my goodness! Can this disaster area be called a backyard? Look at the broken bench and the dreadful state of the walls with the plaster peeling off! Can you even discern the colour of the floor? Not to mention, the pile of dry leaves and branches simply added to the woeful state of this area.

After: Charming doorway to backyard

This is tasteful indeed! Besides brightening up the house, the sliding glass door also heightens the illusion of ample space and cleverly integrates the very trendy dining area and the new backyard.

After: Outdoor fun

Step through the glass door and into a lovely open-air dining area below the deep blue evening sky and swaying trees! Now this is called a thorough backyard makeover! Not even the slightest trace of the old and nightmarish backyard remains. The subtle low lighting in the wall, the attractive border of floor-level plants, and the renovated floor and walls give this space a fashionable look. Don’t miss the earthy brown tiled barbeque section providing a splash of colour - what an idea! Isn’t this the perfect spot for an evening with friends?!

After: A shower with a difference

Traditional bathrooms are so passé—why not enjoy a refreshing outdoor experience within your very walls! What a unique idea to relish the fresh air and blue sky while taking a shower in this neat grey-tiled open cubicle in the backyard!

The renovated house by the sea is a far cry from its former look. La casita del mar is the perfect seaside retreat, blending elegant simplicity with a splash of modern style. Here is another transformation story that might inspire you further - Bland to Beautiful: The Chirpy Makeover of a Polish Apartment.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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