​6 Steps To Follow When Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Small kitchens are great for a couple or family of three. But the moment your family starts growing, your kitchen needs to grow as well. Remodelling the kitchen usually means change of fresh backsplashes, change in kitchen colour and island design, adding more storage space and a seating or two, making the room better for cooking, dining and entertaining. Your kitchen is finally a reflection of who your are—hence its design should reflect your style. It should also sync with the way you want your kitchen to function. If you have been pondering long enough about your remodelling plans, here is an easy guide for you to streamline those ideas that have fired up and get going finally.

Step 1: Know The Measurements

It is important to know the exact measurements of your kitchen before planning the extension. Bring out those old plans for your home or rope in an architect to help you figure out the existing space and how much more space you need to expand. If you need to break down a wall, you need to know the exact size of that wall, how it supports the structure and the area beyond. Have a courtyard right outside the kitchen; you can use that space to expand the kitchen as well.

​Step 2: Design Options

Interior sketch view Fraher and Findlay
Fraher and Findlay

Interior sketch view

Fraher and Findlay

Before actually beginning work, do you know what you want the new kitchen to look like? It is great to have a mental picture in your head. But it is even better to have actual design ideas on paper for you to consider. Maybe that metallic table you loved in a magazine is not going to match with the overall kitchen theme. You’ll find out about these little things once you sit down with an architect or designer to put ideas on paper.

​Step 3: Budget Strategy

Vibrant and Modern Kitchen Extension Redesign Modern kitchen Blue

Vibrant and Modern Kitchen Extension


As we mentioned before, you will be spending quite some money to create the kitchen of your dreams. Before you start buying furniture and materials, sit down with a pen and paper. Write down everything from material costs to labor costs to material costs. Also, mark important pipelines in the kitchen such as the gas and water pipeline to avoid accidental breakage. This will result in additional expenses that you might want to avoid.

​Step 4: New Storage Space

Teddington Kitchen Extension, A1 Lofts and Extensions A1 Lofts and Extensions Modern wine cellar
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Teddington Kitchen Extension

A1 Lofts and Extensions

Remodeling might mean adding new appliances to your kitchen. Have you decided where to place them? Make sure the space for the new appliances is included in the new kitchen plan. Apart from that, plan for extra storage that you might need. Concealed drawers or a new pantry, the choice is entirely yours.

​Step 5: Keep The Theme Consistent

In your excitement to remodel the kitchen, don’t forget the rest of the house. You might want to combine the kitchen and dining to ensure that space is open. You might have to shift a room away to make space for the expansion. Keep in mind the overall theme of the house. You don’t want to end up with a traditional wooden home with an industrial style minimalist kitchen.

​Step 6: Get Rid Of Things You Don’t Like

concrete worktops homify Minimalist kitchen london,extension,architecture,glass,kitchen,concrete

concrete worktops


The idea behind remodeling the kitchen is to create a better space with things and features you like. This is an opportunity for you to ensure that the things you like stay and the things you don’t like are removed. Maybe you abhor that Vinyl flooring in the kitchen. This is the perfect chance to remove that and put in hardwood flooring.

These six points will help you remodel in a more efficient and budget friendly way. Treat this is a great opportunity to create the home and kitchen that you will fall in love with! Here are few more ideas for revamping your kitchen for small apartments - 8 Amazing Kitchens for Small Indian Apartments!

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