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A small living room can be a big surprise and look fabulous with smart layout and designing. The scaled in limitation is actually beneficial in many ways. Actually, small interiors are homely, comfortable and cozy. If carefully sculpted, they tend to become a perfect place to sit and relax, demanding less cleaning and maintenance. 

Obviously, the chances of looking cluttered is high with these spaces if the designing and furnishing part is taken in the wrong way. They can really be problematic if designing them includes something more than simplicity and restraint.  It involves scale, vibrancy, colour and more. 

Let us help you with some great decor ideas specially for the smaller living rooms.

A modular Sofa

While a tiny sofa is all you will be recommended by most of the self proclaimed designers, try out a modular sofa that is not only classy and suitable but also comes with its own set of benefits. The large seat on sides are highly useful and they are capable of accomodating more people.

Scale In

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Trust that everything should be in balance in your living room? Well, have a look at this master creation by Indian designer that clearly defines how scaling up and using high lows can create a dramatic and visually running effect within the room and make it look sassy even when small.

Furniture away from the walls

Why cling everything against wall? Now always can an empty space in between furniture will make the room bigger. Give a fresh breeze of air to the viewers and adopt and experiment by moving furniture away from walls and creating a fine balance of space and decor.

Utilize the Window View

There is hardly a designer that does not quotes this hack. Using windows view and light is the best you can do for all kinds of space and interiors. This not only brings in some bright light but also does not hinders the visual views to boundaries. Give an illusion of sitting in larger space with such idea!

Be Vibrant

Add an art piece on wall, use some designer curtain, beautiful ceiling designs and walls and a wall that has vibrant color and then no one will notice whether the area is small or large. All they will remember the vibrancy and aura of this space.

Avoid Useless Tables

There is no rule or protocol that defines that using coffee tables in the living rooms is necessary. If you dont need them, just get them away with. Instead, invest your time and money in a big sized sofa or a beautiful rug or carpet that makes the ground space more usable and also leaves space for walking.

Get some Built in Furniture

Build in racks and shelves are the life and space saver for compact tiny spaces. They help you store stuff, make the room look uncluttered and yes, they can be extended to decorate the room like the one above. Place your favorite vase and painting over them and make them look a necessity for the room.

Enhance the Ceiling height

Accentuate the ceiling height to higher, use walls that start up from the height and drop down to clean the floor. High rise ceilings tend to make the space look better and bigger. Use light color on ceiling always to help the living rooms look vast. 

Looking for more space saving ideas and inspirations? Stay tuned to use to get the daily dose of interior designing with Homify!

Which of these ideas would you use in your home? Leave us a comment below!

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