14 stunningly simple bathroom upgrades you'll want to try right now

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Our bathrooms are the most intimate places in our homes, which is why making and keeping them clean, comfortable and completely stylish is so important. Unfortunately, total bathroom revamps are costly and take quite a lot of energy. 

Luckily, we at homify have put together this list of 14 simple, one-off changes you can make to your bathroom—from the ultra simple to the somewhat time-consuming—to inspire you to do a mini upgrade that will take your bathroom's atmosphere up plenty of notches. Our first one is one of the simplest—make the bathroom natural. Read on…  

1. Put in plants and candles

A nice, healthy green plant can do a lot to improve the atmosphere of a bathroom, so long as they have enough sunlight and stay healthy. If your bathroom is windowless, we suggest quality fake plants. Add some candles and you have two easy, cheap ways to make your bathroom more homey and organic.

2. Install shower lighting

Unconventional, we know, but shower lighting as pictured here is a simple way to add some brightness to an area of the bathroom which is usually either drowning in direct ceiling lighting or way too dark. 

3. Use more wood

Wood goes a long way to make a bathroom feel cleaner, lighter and put together. It also smells good and is easy to keep clean, unlike traditional bathroom design materials like porcelain, linoleum or tiles. And it looks good everywhere in the bathroom—countertops, sinks, floors, shelves or the bath tub—you choose! 

4. Lay down a lush rug

Investing a high-quality, plush rug with a great pattern is one of the most straightforward bathroom upgrades you can make—one that will have you pleased to dig your toes into as soon as you wake up or for a late night bathroom visit, instead of cold hard floor.

5. Use unconventional furniture

If your bathroom is large enough, include some furniture that you would normally put in your living areas. Seriously. Putting in a fabulous ottoman of stylish arm chair goes a long ways to make your bathroom totally chic.

6. Ladder as a towel rack

Instead of buying the usual towel rack that posts into the wall, get a wooden ladder like this one for hanging your towels, and instantly give your bathroom a dynamic twist!

7. Level access showers

Level access showers are showers that sit flush with the bathroom floor and they are all the rage at the moment. Pair it with a clear glass shower door for a seamless, more open bathroom atmosphere. 

8. Get a new, trendy toilet

Toilet homify BathroomToilets



Toilets are experiencing a renaissance; the types and designs of toilets available now is incredible. So, if you have the money and time, investing in one of the many modern toilets is a phenomenal way to spruce up your bathroom.

9. Do a mosaic

Again, if you have a bit more of a budget and some time, get a wall in your bathroom mosaic tiled. Choose a fun pattern or a solid accent wall as pictured here. Whatever you choose, it is hard to go wrong with a mosaic tiled bathroom.

10. Put in a countertop sink

Bathroom homify Modern bathroom



Countertop sinks are sinks that sit on top of the counter instead of bowled into them. At the moment, they are very on-trend because they just look so cool and committing to this sink design means you can change out your sinks much more easily. Give 'em a try!

11. A bathroom chandelier

A decorous way to spiff up the bathroom is to invest in a top-notch, gorgeous chandelier—sure to make your bathroom feel luxurious and modish. 

12. Mirror lighting

Lighting up the edges of your bathroom mirror is not just great because it looks so stylish but because it makes getting ready easier as most LED mirror lighting has a more natural light than most ceiling lights, additionally spreading even light over your face's reflection instead of on just one spot.

13. A new tap

As with sinks and toilets, the variety and technology of bathroom sink taps have grown quite a bit in the past ten years. You can actually snap up a pretty debonair sink tap at a reasonable price and have it installed in a matter of a couple hours. At the moment, taps that protrude directly from the walls are super fashionable.

14. A large mirror

Bathroom Design homify BathroomSinks

Bathroom Design


Lastly, if you want to quickly make over your bathroom, get a large mirror. This means, take whatever the largest wall in your bathroom is and put a mirror on it—mirrors make all small spaces look wide and light. 

And if you want to read more about bathroom style and design, we recommend this how-to article about the latest bathroom trends!

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