Architecture: an unusual Japanese home

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Nobuyoshi Hayashi Modern conservatory
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There is something to be said about innovative architecture in the 21st century. It's as gorgeous as it is functional.

This is exactly what we are going to see today in the form of this very tall and very impressive Japanese home, designed by architect professionals Nobuyoshi Hayashi.

With limited floor space, they've risen to the challenge by choosing to work with the vertical space available to them instead. The result is a modern, minimalist and trendy home that is spacious and bright, despite its limited size.

Let's have look!

Architecture: an unusual Japanese home

Dining in the kitchen

This dining space is as sophisticated and elegant as the rest of the house and doubles up as the kitchen. The wooden floors and wooden dining room table and chairs add warmth and charm to this space, complementing the sleek, white kitchen. 

This open plan design is very interactive and allows the family a chance to dine together while they are busy in the kitchen. When you don't have much space, open plan is always a good bet. Too many walls or divisions can make a home seem cramped and crowded, taking up unnecessary space.

The dining room lighting is key to this home as well. The trendy copper lamp that hangs from the ceiling adds a subtle yet stylish twist to this space. 

The tallest home

From this angle, we can see how tall this home truly is. It seems to go on forever and ever, taking up at least four floors.

The designers have gone for a simple, white facade. The long and narrow windows and door frames enhance the length of the building. The very clean and straight lines are complemented by the curved staircase the runs from the second floor to the first floor. 

The home also features a gable roof, adding a traditional look and feel to this unusual home. Don't you love how the chic white colors are emphasized by the beautiful yet subtle green trees in front of the home?

More private

In the previous image, we saw how open and welcoming the home was, especially in the soft evening glow. In this image, however, we can see how the family who stays in this home is also offered some privacy when the home is closed up.

The bottom floor features a garage, which allows the family to store cars, surfboards, skateboards or bicycles neatly out of sight. This is a great feature for any home, creating a very neat and tidy exterior. Have a look at these 6 garage styles for inspiration for your own home. 

We can also see that even though the home is closed up, there is a long narrow window above the front door, which allows sunlight to stream into the interior, without compromising the family's privacy.

Gorgeous stairs

If we step inside this home, we can see that each floor is connected by gorgeous wooden stairs, which seem to float above one another. Even though this is a very functional element in the house—and very necessary due to the amount of floors that it features—it serves as a decor element too. 

The wooden stairs are complemented by soft white finishes and a dark, almost purple wall. The designers have gone for very neutral and minimalist colors, adding a splash of color in the form of the dark wall. This is very effective!

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The basic living room

The first floor features a beautiful and minimalist living room, furnished with a simple white armchair and little green tree. This is the epitome of sophistication. With not much floor space available, there was no room for clutter. The designers have chosen only the most necessary items for this space. 

Can you see what a light and spacious room this is? Thanks to the large glass windows throughout the left wall, natural light streams into this space making it seem that much bigger. Natural light is a key element when it comes to small homes!

The light wooden floors, white walls and dark purple wall all work in perfect harmony with one another. 

Tip: Add a pot plant or vase of flowers to your home for a natural for of beauty and decor.

The highest room in the house

Lastly, we come to the last room in the house—proof that every nook and cranny has been utilized! Based right at the top of the home and accessed via a ladder, this wooden room is a cozy and warm space where the residents can read a book, do some work or even meditate!

This room also gets lots of natural light, which complements the very simple wooden walls, floors and furniture. 

This is a home that is jam-packed with personality and charm!

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