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Kid's play zone ideas for indoors

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Needless to say, a child would always want to play and run around and that is why, it is a good idea to have a play zone in your house for your kids. Apart from keeping the kids busy and occupied, it is a great way to learn, self-explore and an opportunity to adjust oneself into the world. Reading this, if you have been convinced that you need a play zone for kids in your house, then here are some really great ideas you can get inspired from. 

Bringing the playground into the room

This is a very elaborate design and good for those who have this kind of space in their houses. An integrated slide and play area has been created for the child where he or she can play along with friends. Bunk beds and seating have been included in the design. There is a lot of space in this design for the child to run and get some physical exercise which is practically like the kid being outdoors.

The screen free entertainment zone

This is a very simple design for small children or toddlers. A rug on the floor protects them from the harsh flooring. Keep their toys in the corner and to add an exciting feature in the room, add the hanging tent in the center. A table in the corner for the kids to write, is also a good idea. Professional, Alim Mobilya can be contacted for best furniture and accessories for kid's room. 

Capturing the imagination with a beautifully themed wall

This design would be perfect for giving your child a really imaginative mind. A small room that has wall to wall carpeting, the biggest wall has been painted in a jungle theme. It adds color and keeps the children inquisitive or at least interested. Toys have been kept on the rug and a colored cabinet has been created on the other wall to store toys and books.

Build a beautiful kindergarten class

In cases where the number of children is more, a bigger space would be needed. It would be best to keep the room free from any bulky or large furniture so that the kids do not hurt themselves while running around. Place rugs or carpets on the floor for them to sit and keep lots of toys around. The highlight of this design is the use of colors. There are simple plastic squares in different colors hanging from the walls. Books in different colors have been kept on the shelves. An interesting use of tile mosaic work can also be seen on the lower part of the wall and the floor.

Combining adventure and fun

This is an interesting design where an adventure sport has been created inside the room for kids. There is scope for encouraging wall climbing through hooks on the wall, which have been put in different bright colors against a black background. The makeshift ladder in the corner is also a good touch. 

Little girls like to play house

Girls like to play house and making a playhouse in their room is a good idea as is shown in this design. It is a small house that has been made from wood and can be placed in any corner of the room.

Playing outdoors

Modern Family garden in North London Modern garden by Earth Designs Modern
Earth Designs

Modern Family garden in North London

Earth Designs

Playing outdoors is as important for kids as it is to remain indoors. This design can be put up in the backyard with ease, and it would not take up a lot of space either. It is primarily a tree house type of design to which one can also add a slide if one wants. A set of chains has also been added for the kids to use when they want to exercise or play. A convenient design overall to keep the kids busy or to let them create their own favorite spot.

Encouraging the child to read

An important part of every play area for children should also be a reading section. This would help the child get familiar and comfortable with books. A good way to make this a part of the play area design would be to dedicate one wall for this purpose. The entire wall can be consumed with shelves and these can be stacked of books, stories or other reading material that children can enjoy. Adding rugs on the floor where children can sit and read or a long bench for them to sit is also a good idea if they are not provided anywhere else in the room. Have really naughty kids and want to keep them engaged most of the time? Here's an ideabook that provides excellent ideas for kid's bedroom designing: Kids bedroom ideas: A trip to the Zoo!  

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