Let this Navratri be special!

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This Navratri, decorate your house to make it the abode of Gods!

Navratri is the Hindu festival which is dedicated to Goddess Durga, the feminine form of ‘Shakti’. During the ten days of complete festivity, nine different forms of Goddess are worshipped. Celebrated with a lot of joy and gusto, Navratri marks the birth of autumn.

As important as this festival and the rituals associated with it are, it also involves decoration of one’s house. People tend to go all out to change and completely transform their homes to welcome the Gods and Goddesses and endear them to stay. This ideabook is all about trendy home décor ideas which may be used to create a festive and welcoming ambiance at home.

3. Demure spa design This design is more on the side of luxury and is suitable for those who have the space in their houses. A large hot tub has been installed in the center of the bathroom with tile work outside and steps leading down to it. The design is made more attractive because of the soft and demure lighting.

Let flowers speak the spirit of your heart

Flowers - Orchids and Lily, Uberlyfe Uberlyfe Minimalist living room Accessories & decoration

Flowers—Orchids and Lily


Flowers are an important part of the arrangements and décor for Navratri. To make flowers a part of your décor, you can add flower vases to the living room, dining room and the bedroom and get a natural floral touch in your home. This is a standard crystal and glass flower vase and using this for flowers that have long stems is a good idea. It can be placed in any room and the flowers can be changed from time to time. Flowers of different colors also add a touch of color and vibrancy to the room and keep it fresh throughout the day. 

Planters: An all time decor

Two Zinc Tub Planters With Handles Lilac Coast Country style garden Plant pots & vases
Lilac Coast

Two Zinc Tub Planters With Handles

Lilac Coast

For a more permanent type of décor, pots and plants can be added and flowers of different types and colors can be planted in them. These pots can be made of ceramic, terracotta or even metal, as is shown in the design. These can be used indoors as well as outdoors.  Putting up flower garlands on the doorways and windows is also a traditional style of décor during Navratri. Looking for more home decor ideas with a touch of nature? Do spend a few minutes to walk through this ideabook as well: 6 beautiful nature filled rooms

Decorating with Rangoli

Rangoli is an indispensable part of almost all festivals in India. The Indian floor art, Rangoli is done on all festive occasions to add a touch of color and piousness. You may create amazing Rangolis in the area where you plan to place the ‘Kalash’. Try and incorporate different colors and use the Navratri themes to foster eye-catching and inspiring Rangolis. Rangoli is a fantastic way to add color and a touch of festivity and it is generally made at the entrance of the house as a sign of warm welcome to the guests. 

This is the latest style of rangoli that is called 3D art. Small lamps can be placed in the center of the flowers. This design is good for putting up at the entrance of the house or in a large veranda where it would be noticed by everyone. Rangoli can also be made from traditional colors or with flowers.

Infusing life with lighting

Home theater lighting concept homify ArtworkPictures & paintings

Home theater lighting concept


Lighting is also an important aspect of the Navratri festival and there are some very nice ideas for putting up lights in your house. Make use of lamps, candles and lanterns throughout the house. These can be placed in the living room, dining room and even in the bedroom as a part of the décor. For Large lanterns or lamps, a bulb can be placed inside and these can be used outdoors as well while the candle lanterns can be placed in the living room for a different touch. Glass curtains, when used together with streamers of lights, can produce a magical effect. These alone would be enough to light up the whole room and they look spectacular as well.

Decorating the Pooja room

Since Navratri is a festival of the Gods and Goddesses, it is equally important to decorate the Pooja room as well. Start by adding traditional temple bells. You can use the small ones which are kept near the pooja essentials or make use of those long hanging ones as shown in this design. Keep the Pooja room clean and add a rangoli near the door. Lights can be added to the ceiling and one can also get wood paneling done in the Pooja room. Pooja room designs by Hasta architects are worth taking a look and they can definitely be considered if one is looking for professional help. 

Add colors to the whole house

Pom Pom Garlands hanging in the garden PomPom Galore Eclectic style garden
PomPom Galore

Pom Pom Garlands hanging in the garden

PomPom Galore

Every festival is a celebration and so, it is most natural that there should be a lot of colors involved.  Make use of colorful and vibrant cushion covers and spreads as well as curtains to add colors to your rooms. These can be in the traditional Indian prints or abstract designs. Different textile materials can also be used as per your choice. This is an amazing thing to use in place of curtains inside the room especially when one wants to create a separation. 

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