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There is something very lavish and gratifying about simply taking the time out to run a warm bath, and soak away the hours, letting your toes and fingers shrivel up like prunes. Even better, is experiencing that same feeling in a spa. Owning a spa at home is the dream of many, and the lucky reality of few. The idea of a spa bath dates back to the early Roman baths, where bathing played a major part in ancient Roman culture and society. Bathing was one of the most common daily activities, and for the general public, this was a daily ritual practiced in communal baths. Bathrooms are a commonplace in homes of today, but only the wealthy were able to afford bathing facilities in their own homes during the Roman era. Spas are not so commonly found in modern homes, therefore they hold a stately impression in our minds. This ideabook shows some fine examples of spas at home, allowing those who are able to enjoy its benefits feel like a leader of the Roman empire.


It is as if though stairs leading up to this spa bath, are like the stairs to leading to a throne, setting the scene to feel like a royal when enjoying the warmth of this ostentatious setting. This bathroom draws inspiration from the Roman era, using materials reserved for the wealthy of the time, including marble and tile. Gold is synonymous with wealth, and it features prominently here. It has been used to decorate the intricate frames of the mirror, and the detail on the pillars that stand tall on either side—you really would feel like a God or Goddess walking up the stairs to bath. The arches in the ceiling and skylight also add an element of Roman design.


Equally as visually pleasing, and luxurious in its decorations, is this room designed by Fedisa Interior, an interior design company from Bilaspur. This spa in the bedroom, is the ultimate example of a romantic setting for you and your partner. Allow the honeymoon feeling to continue well after the holiday is over, spending lazy days in bed and the spa. Taking on a different theme as the spa above, but one just as luxurious, this setting draws inspiration from Asia, with stones surrounding the bath, you may be forgiven for feeling like you are at a tropical spa retreat in Thailand or Bali.


Spa treatments are much more than the spa bath itself. They often include soak pools, and saunas or steam rooms. Pictured here is a large shower that also doubles as a sauna. The helath benefits of a sauna have been well documented, not to mention the feeling of relaxation they bring once you step outside into the cool air.

Calming light & scents

Lighting plays a large role in the mood of a spa setting, as do scents. Adding these special touches to your spa will make all the difference to the experience. The soft light created by a candle softly illuminates the space, allowing for a feeling of calm and relaxation to take over. In addition to lighting, flowers can further enhance the mood, through their delightful scents, and also by adding a visual element to a spa, as they calmly floating around on the surface of the water. 

The grandeur of stone

Expensive ancient Roman baths and spas were often made from stone, for their durability, and the also for the ability to shape them as desired. This large bath is large enough for one to spread out a little, stretching the limbs, and allowing the therapeutic benefits of soaking to begin taking effect. With a few decorative elements resembling ancient Roman statues, and the simple, stripped back nature of the space, you can be sure to feel like you are bathing in a historic period long ago, without losing the modern touches of baths today. 

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