Innovative ways to give an entirely new look to your home with tiles

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The wide variety of options that are available today in decorative tiles with regard to colors, shapes, glazes, materials and designs makes them the most essential element during interior designing of homes and commercial establishments. Tiles now have moved beyond the traditional role of flooring material and are being used for walls and back-splashes in kitchens and bathrooms and other parts of the house as they are easier to maintain. Few know that tiles can also be skilfully used to design counter-tops in desirable patterns to create a specific designer look to enhance any room.

Here are some innovative home decor ideas that can be fulfilled with designer tiles.

Dramatic effect of blue

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If you thought that tiles are only meant for floors or walls of kitchens and bathrooms then this marvelous creation of blue tiles by AL’ZU will change your mind. Made out of blue porcelain tiles the design depicting a theatrical scene gives a dramatic touch to the classic living room. Placed rightly between curtains behind the sofa the tiles on the wall complement the furniture and layout to create a unique room that is like none other.

Splash of colors the classic way

Want to bring back memories of childhood and old Bollywood movies where palatial homes had bright and colorful tiles like these? There is an old world charm about lively floor tiles in exquisite patterns that bring back the golden era of marble pillars and hand painted designs on walls.

Graffiti backsplash

Gone are the days of dull and plain back-splashes in the kitchen as now decorating that area is also an integral part of decor planning. Instead of having the usual light colored tiles with pictures of fruits and vegetables, why not try something unusual like this graffiti design. The plethora of bright colors like blue, orange, yellow and green add brightness and enhance the fun element of the industrial style kitchen decorated in neutral tones.

Subtle lines of separation

The innovative usage of multiple patterned tiles in the house has led to subtle demarcation of the different rooms in an open floor setting. While the kitchen has a beautiful monochromatic floor, the dining area has warm earthy wood toned flooring.

Spa effect in the bathroom

Wish you could go to a spa more often and enjoy the relaxation of scented oils and ambience of colorful flowers and stones? This eclectic bathroom allows you to savor the atmosphere in the privacy of your house by clever use of tiles to create the spa like effect in the background of the bathtub.

Colorful stairway

Notice the wondrous patterns on these multi hued tiles that make each stair different from another? This unique creation of Work House Collection brings to life the fascinating and colorful staircases leading up to smoky rooms of fortune tellers and palm readers in tourist spots across the East.

Glass tiles for an ethereal bathroom

Though glass mosaic tiles are expensive, they bring a luxurious touch to even the smallest bathrooms and make the region look luxurious and large. Notice how the narrow shower area in this modern bathroom has been given a dramatic twist with walls and floor covered in soft toned glass tiles that add to the glamour of this neutral toned bathroom.

Porcelain tiles for flagstone effect

The earthy touch of flagstones is loved by all but maintaining them is a tedious process as they tend to capture dirt and grime easily within the crevices of stone and need a thorough scrub to maintain the sparkling finish. For lovers of natural stone, tile designers have created these beautiful porcelain tiles that look like the real thing and give an authentic touch to this country style kitchen.

Magic of wood

If you are a diehard admirer of wood floors but are worried about common problems of hardwood like scratches, cracks, warps and water damage then adopt wood-look tiles that are durable and easy to maintain. These hexagonal tiles are the latest trend which could be made of porcelain or ceramic, appear like real wood and create an aesthetic honeycomb like effect in the room. The unique wooden knock-off appearances of the tiles help in satisfying desire for authentic wooden flooring of families and individuals alike.

Elegance of brick tiles

The beautiful combination of neutral toned kitchen island against white walls enhances the natural light streaming into the area from wide windows. Classic décor is emphasised with the tiled wall that appears more like a brick wall and effortlessly differentiates areas between the kitchen area and rest of the house. Nimble light wood tiles on the floor bring a sense of contrast to the neutral walls and dark toned curtains.

Eye catching patterns

If you thought that cement was best suited for plastering on walls then these attractive tile patterns will change your opinion about the humble but critical material used in construction. The light toned tiles visible here are created out of cement and referred to as Portuguese handmade tiles. Traditionally available in monochrome tones, these tiles are available in more than 500 designs and color combinations today that can be custom designed to suit requirements.

If tile designs at Homify have inspired you to start a creative exercise then you can start by selecting a desirable pattern from any one of these 6 Mind-blowing Tile Patterns for a Stunning Impact.

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