Before and after: an ordinary home gets an extraordinary revamp

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Living in the information age of the internet has definitely increased the rate at which trends change. Since information is more easily disseminated, trends and fashion now seem to change at the speed of light. Because of this, it is becoming more commonplace now for people choose to remodel their homes when it goes out of style. Although interior design and fashion both follow trends, remodeling a home and buying a new wardrobe requires two very different budgets. That's why today we would like to present to you a design that has iconic qualities which still look cool even when the home is passed down to next generation. It's definitely a breath of fresh air in our homogenized mass produced world. The unique design embraces the Japanese and French style in a gracious fusion, resulting in an elegant and creative space. 

Join us on this tour to view the before and after pictures of this home renovation project, where an ordinary home gets an extraordinary revamp. Before the remodeling took place, it looked like one of those standardized homes with no character. Thankfully our professional Ltd. Ikaeru Collection, restoration and renovation experts based in Japan came to the rescue. We invite you to gather interesting ideas and inspiration for your home through this fascinating project. Let's have a look at the transformation shall we?

Before: an outdated kitchen

Even before the remodeling, the kitchen was in a good condition, but it looked very outdated with its wooden cabinets and beige tiling. Although this kitchen might have been a hot sensation some time ago, the style is stale now, and it just screams for a change. The space also lacks brightness. Next, let's see how our experts from homify have transformed this kitchen. 

After: a dramatic transformation

A dramatic transformation has taken place in this kitchen. A few walls have been knocked down to make way for an expansion which opens into the main hall. Because of this, the kitchen is also much brighter and more spacious. The old wooden cabinets were removed and replaces with matte-finished counters and cabinets that gleam when the light strikes them. Modernity shines through in this kitchen with the soothing colour scheme and new layout which includes a kitchen island. Finally, the shimmering crystal balls hang from the ceiling to create a chic look. 

Spacious hall with calming colours

For us, the highlight of this spacious hall with calming colours is the French colonial style beige and cream closets that line the left side of the wall. We also love the modern ceiling beams, which gives the house the cosiness of old world charm with a contemporary twist. Next, let's have a look at the before and after pictures of the bathroom. 

Before: plain and boring

Before the remodeling of this bathroom, it was plain and boring. The double sinks and the large white cabinet made the bathroom look cramped, and the combination of colours and materials didn't help either. 

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After: funky Japanese fusion

What a transformation! The sink area now looks far from plain and boring. Instead, it is striking, funky, and modern with a Japanese style to it. The black wash basin sits on a white counter top, while funky wallpaper reminiscent of mosaic and some bamboo poles decorate the walls. Finally, a touch of glam is added with the large mirror defined by golden frames. 

Before: a crammed bathtub

It's hard to imagine really being able to relax in the bath with a crammed bathtub like the one pictured here. The dark colours used for the bathtub turned out to be not such a good idea as it made it look even smaller, and water stains and scratches were more visible. Let's see what happened to this part of the bathroom next. 

After: earthy and relaxing

The earthy colours and stone tiles have worked magic to give this space the relaxing atmosphere that it was desperately lacking. Fortunately, the size of the bathtub has increased and the bathroom has expanded a little. Finally, bright lights help to make the bathroom feel more spacious, while frosted glass imparts a gentle look.

A statement powder room

The bold black and white stripes on the wallpaper of this powder room definitely does make a timeless style statement. The design is iconic and resembles a Chanel-inspired traditional French style fusion. Its 'Chanel' elegance is made evident with the golden coloured faucet.

Overall, this ordinary and mundane home got a stylish makeover with subtle, traditional yet modish elements which never lose their charm. A few structural tweaks and the introduction of soothing hues made a huge difference too. We hope you've been inspired by this tour. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at a swanky Mexican house with designer touches

What do you like most about this home renovation project? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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