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House plan

House plan

For a country steeped in centuries of tradition and customs, constructing a house or buying a flat is an elaborate process beside beign a joy
For a country steeped in centuries of tradition and customs, constructing a house or buying a flat is an elaborate process beside beign a joy


Even though budget plays a crucial role in purchasing or building a home, people do not make an impromptu decision in any part of the country. The usual practice that most Indians follow with regard to house plan is that it must fulfill building criteria of “Vastu Shastra”.

This refers to certain norms in the layout of the house from entrance door to living room, dining area, kitchen, bedroom and even the bathroom. As all homes cannot be facing East nor can all bathrooms be located in the northwest corner of the house we have to make do with what is possible and pray for positive energy and auspicious beginnings during house warming ceremony.

As each vaastu expert follows his/her own rule book it would be mindboggling to comply with everything so it is best to follow a few basic principles of sanitation, privacy and comfort while drafting the final house plan to have a harmonious and peaceful home.

Home Entrance 

Always maintain a clutter free entrance door and ensure that outside footwear is keep away i.e, shoes are not visible as soon as the door is opened. The space just inside and outside the entrance door should always be open and free of stuff like shoes, umbrellas and other stuff.


Though according to Hindu tradition kitchen should be located in South East corner so that cooking can be done while facing east it may not be possible in small apartments. But you can make another compromise by ensuring that kitchen is not located in front of the main door. A direct view of the kitchen for a guest can be as awkward for a guest as for the host so set up a opaque screen or a curtain to avoid the situation.

Master Bedroom

Comfort and peace are the only considerations when designing the bedroom and most home plans have square or rectangular shaped bedrooms which are easy to decorate. Ideally it should be located in the south west corner of the house and away from noise of kitchen, dining area and living room. The family cash box or safe has to be kept out of sight and it should never face the bedroom door. If there mirrors in the bedroom do not allow them to face the bed or cover them when you go to sleep.

Dining area 

As this is the meeting point for the family it should be located in the center of the house and close to the kitchen to make it easy to serve meals. Refrigerator can be placed either inside the dining room or in-between kitchen and dining area.


Keeping hygiene and aesthetics in mind, the toilet should be located away from the kitchen and pooja or prayer room. If it is located in the bedroom ensure that the puja room is not located in the bedroom.

How can I find house plan ideas?

Create the house plan you desire by creating inspiration boards with ideabooks on homify. Start using the homify ideabook function to search for home styles that appeal to you. There are hundreds of different pictures you can find in our search function. You can save a photo into your personal ideabook and it is then automatically stored in your profile with the possibility to add text. What are your favorite house plan ideas? Any tips & tricks you would like to share on how to make the most out of a house plan?