Ways to Bring the Green in

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Be it a house or an office, it has become important to bring the green in. With the pollution in the air increasing beyond safety limits in many cities, it is imperative that we do our bit to keep the atmosphere clean and fresh. Indoor plants are one of the best ways to maintain optimum breathable air around ourselves.

Indoor plants make a great prop for interior designers in Bangalore. For one thing, when you incorporate plants within your design, overhead cost for designing or purchasing expensive accessories to showcase your home. Indoor plants literally bring a breath of fresh air and they are not going to cost as much as that Ming vase or that expensive painting you wish you had.

Here are a few ways that Interior designers in Bangalore bring the green –


Balconies and backyards have traditionally been the indoor space for growing plants but interior designers in Bangalore have taken the unconventional route for many projects and have made space for plants in shelves to make a green library of sorts.

The beauty of this arrangement is that it can be put up anywhere, in the living room, the bedroom or even a home office and it will be the focal point of your space.


Contrary to belief certain plants, do thrive in the humid conditions of the bathroom. Plants like aloe vera, bamboo, begonia, snake plant, boston fern, cast iron plant, chinese evergreen etc. grow well in the bathroom. Plants in the bathroom are a more natural fit than anywhere else in your home. With these in your bathroom, the question of potpourri is also sorted. With the right kind of plants, interior designers in Bangalore can create an atmosphere of relaxed ambience in your bathroom, so much so that it will seem as though you are alone amidst a tropical waterfall or a serene pool for much-needed R & R.


No, that porch is not for those old newspapers or unwanted boxes. That’s where you can have a lovely hanging garden with pots, creepers and probably an outdoor aquarium. A few wrought iron chairs and a table will complete the picture to perfection. Voila! You can have that candle-light dinner right at your home with your love.

Living Room

Flower pots and vases have been traditionally known as ways and means to bring the green in but these days’ interior designers in Bangalore do things differently. How about a vertical garden right in your living room? It would spectacular for one thing and second, it will become the talking point for your guests and an awesome conversation starter. The upside is that you really don’t have to sell an arm and a leg to have a lovely décor fitted in your space. A vertical garden not only scores brownie points for your environmental consciousness but is also an awesome way to maintain optimum breathing air within your home.


One would think that the kitchen is a more natural fit for houseplants. It would make more sense to grow herbs that you would use for cooking right there. A hanging pot near the kitchen window or an array of pots right on the windowsill makes a great deal of sense. Just imagine, you don’t have to go all the way to the store just for a sprig of mint. You can grow it right there!