Elements of an Open Kitchen

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One thing that is common in most contemporary apartments and homes today is an open kitchen house interior design. There are many key factors that go into creating a home with an open kitchen. They are informal, inclusive and are certainly a reflection of how social we have become in our lives. Here are a few elements of an open kitchen plan that you might want to consider while renovating your home.

More Space

This is one obvious advantage of having an open kitchen. When you bring down the walls, there is more space to move around and socialize. There is more space for wall cabinets and clever shelving in this plan. This plan also helps small families because it’s possible to keep an eye on the children even while cooking. The downside of this house interior design is the fact that one needs to be more careful while cooking, lest there are accidents.

Natural Lighting

When the walls are down, it is but natural for the light to permeate everywhere. Homes with an open kitchen plan are more airy and open to natural lighting because there are no more walls obstructing windows and doors. Installing skylights is a great idea for open kitchens and it adds a certain charm to space.

Entertaining is Easier

Most open kitchens flow into the dining area and it certainly becomes easier to entertain. Naturally, with an open kitchen house interior design, traditional dining and lunches take a back seat. This is definitely not the floor plan for those who wish to serve their food formally and ostentatiously. This is for those with a more egalitarian view of things. It is a fluid form of life suitable for bachelors, single men and women and for families that like to be social even while cooking their meals. That’s why most open kitchen designs include a countertop for lunch and dinner or at least a breakfast nook where you can pull up a chair and have your mail while it’s still hot. Some designs take in the dining area and add it on to the kitchen and it certainly makes the area more inclusive and is easy to entertain. These are family friendly kitchens, where soul food is cooked, savoured and relished.

The Flow of the Design

With an open kitchen, one can see the design flow in beautifully in the floor plan. Opting for neutral shades would make sense here. Monochrome colours, high-gloss cabinets and units would work the charm here.

While there are many advantages in an open kitchen floor plan, this is a house for those who are meticulously clean and minimal. You really do not want to show a messy kitchen to your guests especially in an open kitchen house interior design. The lack of privacy is apparent and if you like the kitchen to be your own kingdom of heaven then an open floor plan is probably not for you.

Despite the obvious disadvantages, open kitchen plan has caught the imagination of people today. It shows that we are on a progressive path in a world where even men can claim their place in the kitchen and cook up a storm.