Sofa cum Bed- Small Furniture Unit with Big Savings

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I have worked in many cities, and that has made me independent. Independent to choose my place, house, car, clothes and my words etc.

Oh! I forgot to mention, my furniture!

Which is very essential for my alone living life.

When I shifted to my recent house, I decided to choose the perfect furniture for me because I thought, that will be my companion away from home.

So, today, I would like to share a small story of my favorite furniture unit; Sofa Cum Bed.

This furniture unit is close to my heart, as I spend most of my Me-Time lying on it.

Here are a various occasion when I love my sofa cum bed

1. When I am tired, and I want to relax and check my Instagram and Facebook, then this unit is a perfect place for me.

2. When I plan a pajama party at my home than nothing can excite my buddies and me, more than a sofa cum bed.

3. On weekends, when I am too lazy to go out with my friends, then it is my true companion to watch my favorite web series.

4. On Week days, when I want to complete my work from home, and then I am too lazy to go to the bedroom then I just pull out my bed to sleep.

5. When my parents visit me, then this unit acts as a savior.

Advantages of Sofa Cum Bed

1. It occupies less space than a bed and a sofa separately, so people like me, who are living alone, will enjoy this unit to the fullest.

2. It saves your money. Almost, on the prize of a sofa, you will get a bed with it. So, it is not a bad deal for bachelors. 

3. It is eye candy for people like me, who would love its design. It has become a trending piece to keep, in your living room or bedroom.

4. It makes cleaning easy. As many times we are not able to mop under a bed. So, sofa cum bed is an easy solution.

So which material is preferable for your Sofa cum bed?

According to the studies, wood is the best material which can serve your long lasting purpose.

You can opt sofa cum bed from Wooden Street, which has an extensive range of cool sofa cum beds.

The material which is used by Wooden Street is Sheesham and mango wood. These woods are hard, so they are long-lasting. These woods are very durable and need low maintenance.

Wooden Sofa cum beds

Sereta sofa cum bed is one of the top-selling products of Wooden Street.

You can also go for Feltro sofa cum bed with a honey finish, if you need queen like sleep. To know more about this, you can visit Wooden Street.

Riota sofa cum bed is a perfect solution if you want sofa cum bed with storage. It fulfills your sofa, bed and storage needs at a time.

Fabric Sofa cum beds

Fabric sofa is a bliss. If you have it, then you feel the utmost luxury and comfort. These sofas not only look lavish but also allow you to break the monotonous feel.