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15 ideas to decorate your interiors with cushions

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Many of us live in small spaces or in rented accommodation and may not want to own heavy decor pieces. But that does not mean that our houses should look bare-boned and that we should not pay attention to home interior design ideas. We can easily add glamour to our homes by changing our soft furnishings.

Add a splash of colour to your home and revamp your home interior design scheme, with some cushions. One, you could make your hard-back furniture comfortable by adding soft cushions, and second, these decorative cushions will make your house look warm and inviting. Here are some home interior design tips on how to use these plump square pieces of colours to your advantage.

1.Place two cushions in complementary colours at each end of the couch. Either you can hunt for the cushion covers yourself or can buy cushions in complementary solids that come in a set of two and blend in with your home interior design scheme.

2.Don’t put too many or too fluffy cushions on your sofa or there will be no space to sit. In terms of count, five to seven cushions are just right for a three-seater sofa set.

3.The biggest risk that comes with redoing your home interior design with cushions is that if you are too generous with them, your house may end up looking cluttered. So, don’t go over board.

4.Most home interior design experts will tell you that throws, rugs and kilims go very well with cushions and can accentuate the look completely. A throw rug placed on your couch or a kilim placed on the floor can add texture and dimension to the look.

5.When choosing colours of the cushions, make sure that they are pulling together colours from other elements of the room like curtains, rugs, table covers etc, and blending in with the rest of your home interior design scheme.

6.Avoid propping cushions up on their edges as that may not stay in place for long and you may end up making your decor look sloppy.

7.Apart from placing cushions of different colours or prints, you can try new home interior design ideas by placing cushions of different shapes and sizes together.

8.Throw some floor cushions on a rug and you have an alternate sitting arrangement at your disposal perfect for seating unexpected guests. This is a great way to accommodate many people without upsetting your home interior design scheme.

9.Digital prints and geometric designs look good on all kinds of décor and can be added to accentuate the look of any room without any risk to the general home interior design scheme.

10.For a dramatic look, get some silk cushions, leather cushions or suede cushions and place them on your couch, chairs, bed or divan. Match it with curtains of the same texture and give your house an opulent look within seconds.

11.You can use cushions as art pieces by buying designer cushion covers created by contemporary or home interior design artists who focus on kitsch. Or if you have an artistic streak in you, you can paint a cushion yourself!

12.You can bring to life your dull wooden garden furniture or wrought iron patio furniture by using cushions in solid colours.

13.If you would like to give your home interior design scheme a traditional or an ethnic look, add some cushions or pillows with embroidery, sequins, appliqué and quilted patchwork.

14.You can place soft bolsters at the head of the bed or divan. It will support your back when you are sitting and you can even hug it while you sleep.

15.The latest fad in decor is using a cushion with 3D or 3 dimensional patterns on it. You can buy a printed 3D cushion from any home interior design store, online or offline.

Go ahead, binge on cushions and let your home interior design scheme display your personal style.




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