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DS Interiors is headed by Mr. Dilshad Shaikh well-qualified Interior designer in Mumbai, the best interior designer in Mumbai, interior decorators in Mumbai and civil services in Mumbai with an experience of more than 5 years. We also offer complete waterproofing contractors services in Mumbai. Our Professional architects perfectly supervise your place to give you the desired interiors and exteriors of your Residence, Offices, Showrooms, WorkPlaces, Hotels etc.

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How Can Interior Design Transform Your Home?

The soul of a building lies in the Interior design. It doesn’t only make your home look pleasant and serene; it makes the building more functional and livable. Best interior designers in Bangalore concentrate more on the look and feel of the building. You need to focus on the building space as well. We try to make the space more purposeful, without compromising on the look of the home.

Be it a small residence or a big apartment, space of the home doesn’t matter. All that matters is space saving techniques along with the stylish interiors. A big residence could have failed to attract the people due to its poor interior design. Because the additional space of the house would give an unnatural illusion. On the contrary, a small residence could easily please the people with perfect interior design and tricks to pitch everything perfectly. Hence, the role of the Interior design is very crucial when it comes to organizing and planning your home.

Appropriate color schemes

If you think Interior design is just picking up the colours, choosing the lighting and furniture, then it’s not true. It has a lot more than this to do. The colours or the curtains, or the furniture you choose could change the style of the building and has the ability to sync your soul with your house’s harmony. Best interior designers in Bangalore will think a lot more than colours and design. We think a possible way to improve the style of your building. We plan the interior design of your building, considering every single detail of your home and your preferences. We give importance to everything from the wall and ceiling colours, the pattern of the curtain or blinds, the design of the furniture, best lighting based on your home, the position of the rooms and required accessories for the home and much more.

Utilize every space in your house

Best Interior Designers in Bangalore suggests you about managing your space, how to plan your rooms, how to arrange your things and how to maintain your building space. We could transform your house that has energy and harmony. In fact, the objects and accessories of your house matter a lot when it comes to the energy of your home. We help you out to organize the accessories and let the harmony flow freely through your building space.

Plan everything accordingly to give the best out of everything. Best home interior designers in bangalore can transform your dull space into a soulful place which pacifies your soul and relieves your stress after an exhausting day.

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Latest Trends in Interior Decoration

Interior designs and trends are versatile, and they keep changing from time to time. People love to design their house with some creative designs that are contemporary and match with the trend. Especially in the recent year with the advent of the technology, interior design has got a new shape. These technologies and electronic devices create a huge impact in the interiors. To satisfy the people requirements and desires, renowned home interior designers in Bangalore and other major cities of India come up with some new idea and novel trends.  Read this article to know more about the trending interior design.

Comfort zone

People wish to have a comfortable living space that is more attractive and welcoming. The best interior designers in bangalore can fit in everything perfectly even in a small house, be it reading space, living room, or even play zone for kids. Everything will be perfectly placed. Some expensive ideas that are trending now are light room dividers, micro-zones and much more.

Colour schemes

Conventional colour schemes like a sandal, pink, cream and peach for ceilings and walls give a conservative look to your house. Rather, some bold colour schemes like olive green, brown, black and white, red and yellow will give a fresh and vibrant look to your house. Contemporary colour combinations for the wall will give a balanced look. It beautifully enhances the room colours that would inculcate the essential ambience in the interiors.

For a personalized touch with striking modern interiors, popular home interior designers in Bangalore and across the country suggest adding fresh and vibrant colour patterns. Blending textures with a tinge of colour palate and adding lush green environment will bring more life to space.


Stylish and elegant furniture designs with arched angles will add more value to living space.  Additionally, they provide the aesthetic illusion to the contemporary furnishing style. Recently, retro-modern with hi-tech designs are highly preferred in the major cities of India.


Wall decors and wall painting are available at ranges. Choosing a Super-sized and polished piece will enhance the look of the space. In addition to it, geometric-shaped wall pieces and 3D tiles on your wall will enhance the look and sophistication a point higher.

Floral art pieces on the wall are evergreen. This piece continues to attract people, but with a mild difference.  The floral piece has been replaced with super sized blooms or buds. Placing this art piece in the room will attract people and act as a main focal point of the space. Especially, bedrooms will liven up with metallic element walls. These mild, reflective walls will transfer the light to every nook and corner; this makes the living space look more spacious.

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Interior Decoration Tips to Make the Best Use of the Space

Top Interior designers in Bangalore have good experience in recreating your building space on a regular basis. As they regularly work with interior designs, they could find possible solutions to all your spacing issues. Also, they are capable enough to transform your conventional house into a modern house with good interior ideas. All that is required to create a modern house is an aesthetic idea, function and quality elements. 

Living in a busy city, sometimes we often find our self-end up living in small apartments. With the addition of things, we are unable to find space for everything and find difficult to cope with clutter and mess. However, with proper planning, we can incorporate several methods to utilize our limited space in all possible method. Hence, the Top Home Interior Designers in Bangalore takes the responsibility to evaluate your building space and figure out varied options to make the best use of every single space.

Analyze all the space

You can analyze every single space of your house to figure out under-utilized space. Try to explore vertically, because most these spaces can be found between the top of the furniture and bedroom. Here you can make use of high-mounted or hanging elements. It can be bookshelves or reading cabinets.  Also by installing lofts, you can utilize these spaces.

Top Interior designers in Bangalore suggest some tips to make the best use of the space. They are: A table that could double up as a dining table or a writing deskThe cushion that can be transformed into a coffee-tables or seatingCustomized cupboards and furniture can best utilize the space in every cornerBuilt-in storage elements tend to merge with the wall structure and doesn’t occupy much area footageStorage elements with sideways pull above your bathtub or closet will give more space in the bathroomMulti-purpose furniture

Prefer using furniture that can provide multiple purposes. Place it in easily movable and accessible locations; this idea tends to work better for buildings with small spaces. To maximize the utilization, try fixing a storage space above your dining table where you can place all the dining elements and kitchen accessories.  (Best interior designer suggest to) Opt for two small furniture pieces instead of one big piece as the smaller ones do not obstruct traffic flow and they could also be easily moved or shifted around. This approach is best suited for common places like a living room. Whereas, in private rooms, you can opt for bigger elements as they will not often be shifted.

Creating illusion

A good designer can create an Illusion of a spacious room by incorporating some ideas and tricks. In order to create the illusion of more space in the room, choose soothing colour shades for your ceilings and walls.  Utilize some subtle and mild pattern work on the walls to induce a sense of magnificence. Placing some mirrors in deliberate locations. Some suggestions are like floor to ceiling curtains accompanied by translucent fittings. This works well for creating visual cues.

Getting rid of partition walls and choosing large windows along with the transparent furnishings will offer for elaborate views. This helps in reducing the largeness of the built space and offers lightness in the room.

Create narratives for your building spaces where you can move to another place by aligning the furniture elements. This trick of visual continuity of furniture will give a sense of calmness.

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Guidelines to Add Classiness to Interior Decoration

At times, you may feel that the interiors including the colour schemes or layout and furniture design of your house may not be very pleasing to you. An expert of home interior designers in Bangalore won't just enhance the visual appeal but also the functionality of the building space. The world is progressing very fast, taste and comfort level of the people keeps changing every day. A good interior design may bring positive vibe in their life. A perfect house is something which brings the balance of classiness, comfort and optimism through modern interior design.

Evolution of modern interior design has brought a smart method of fixing your issues and adds a sense of classiness to your house. You could transform your ordinary house into a classy house with these beautiful and bold design ideas. If you are unsure about how to go organize your room or how revamping your existing house layout, then it is suggested to hire a home interior designers in Bangalore or elsewhere.

Explore colour shades

Contemporary yet classic colour shades is a wise choice of colour shade as this scheme will compliment most of the colour theme. They can elevate the fine distinction of modern interiors of the living room. These bold colour schemes are flawless. Black and white colour, turquoise blue and white colour schemes are considered as versatile and contemporary shade. Most of the people prefer this scheme, as it gives serene and peaceful ambience. This very sophisticated and classy home attic interior design with vibrant colour cushions and light shade furniture designs will suit best the design pattern. Studies have shown that using certain set of colour schemes in building spaces helps encourage certain actions and lift up the mood.

Solid Furniture and layout

Home or Apartment Interior Designers in Bangalore are proficient in creating cutting-edge interiors which is also cost effective based on your preferences. A stylish raised and exposed texture are suitable for both residential and office spaces. Setting up or recreating an building space is an chance to de-clutter any building spaces and invoke flexible home interior decor elements.

The stylish look of a house doesn’t always come with complicated interiors and furniture. Simple yet exquisite furniture design with plain accessories gives a sparkling and radiating look to the living space. For a modern and cool looking rooms prefer the furniture that contrasts with the colour palate of the room. This interior design will bring a sense of optimism in the people.

Hiring an experienced designer can offer some innovative and creative designs to your living space. They can give ideal blend of functionality, classy and creative layout that is beautifully designed. A perfect kitchen is something that looks stylish and easy to organize.

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Designing with Dark Wood

Light and airy was a trend that was quite popular in home interior design for many years now. Off late most designers are experimenting with dark wood interiors for a dramatic and yet elegant effect. Here are a few ideas how a dark wood interior can add depth and beauty to your home –

Wood and Copper

There is something about dark wood that adds elegance and quality to the surroundings. While a white or a cream kitchen adds a sophisticated appeal, adding dark wood countertops and cupboards in this space certainly shows you what contrast is all about. With a matt finish, dark teak or mahogany gives a chic appeal to the interiors and celebrates the refined taste of the owner. Add a few copper pendant lights along the line of the island the overall effect is absolutely dramatic. A few houseplants and a herb vase on the countertop completes the picture to perfection and adds life to the interior.

A lean design

Often enough, dark deep wood often connotes with huge chunky furniture but it need not be so. One can bring the deep tones of the wood and contrast it with light browns to present an interesting combination. You will need a cream coloured sofa, a wooden armchair and textured area rug that add to the character of the room. A square coffee table at the centre and few side tables for a lampshade or a fancy vase and a lean strong shelf to keep small knick-knacks and stuff makes this space picture perfect. The slim tapered look of this room will have shades of deep wood and yet it doesn’t overwhelm it.

Dark Vanity

Dark wood can also be used to make a grand style statement in a small space. Your bathroom vanity or a closet make a wall of drawers or a chest and the contrast of deep brown with cream or white will make the interiors stand out wonderfully.

White and Wood

Nothing stands out well in a white or cream living than a large piece of a wooden armchair or a couch. Here wooden furniture stands out as a statement piece and you really don’t need fancy art or an expensive vase to spruce space. Just one antique polished wooden armchair would do the trick.

Work with the windows

Wooden framed windows bring in the same deep shade into the interiors that any furniture would. A large sized window with small panes looking out into the patio makes a lovely scene to sit by for a lunch or dinner. A long wooden table arranged along a cushioned bench and a few vintage chairs make the space informal and friendly.

Cityscape and Wood

If your apartment looks over a cityscape then a dark wood interior lends a manly sophistication to space. With wooden furniture and dark panelled walls and golden pendant lights, space would look spectacular in the night with the city lights glimmering beautifully.

There is much and more to be done with deep dark wood where home interior design is concerned. Bringing out the contrast in the unlikeliest spaces is a challenging prospect indeed. Elegant sophistication is the name of the game in the home interior design, where wooden décor is concerned. Therefore it would be best to hire a professional and experienced interior design company to envision the space for you.

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Making the Most of a Patio

It is not often that one is blessed with a patio in this world of small spaces. If you are, then it behooves you to make the best of it. The patio is generally the space that adjoins the backyard of your home. With space being sacred, one can do a lot of things with a patio irrespective of whether it is small or big. Here are a few ideas from interior designers in Bangalore to convert your patio into your most favorite spot to hang out.

Stylish and Green

If you love to entertain and you live in a place with salubrious weather like Bangalore then the patio can literally become an extension of your living room. All that you need are a few benches, wrought iron chairs and a large narrow table, a few pendant lights and a whole lot of green plants. You have a perfect venue for parties, a quiet evening for contemplation preferably with a glass of wine or two or place to hang out with your best friend sharing secrets and catching on gossip over a plate of pasta or pizza.

Rustic and Leisure

There is something about going rustic that screams leisure big time. You can bring the same vibe to your patio with the help of the best interior designers in Bangalore. With a pergola roof to bring in the sun, floating benches, a cozy cane swing, a few potted plants and a rug or two will bring the rustic to space. Relax and lounge around with a book and a glass of chilled lemonade and enjoy the summer zing.

Beach, salt, and sea

Those who adore the beach can go the full mile and bring it to your homes with a patio that would lure the salt and sea inside. Interior designers in Bangalore would bring this look with a hammock, reclaimed wood furniture and a few plants you will smell the sea real soon.

A Sanctuary

Sometimes one needs a small space to introspect, contemplate and to reclaim one’s life and dreams. If you have a patio space in your flat overlooking the cityscape, then interior designers in Bangalore can transform it into a sanctuary with a snug couch, cushions, a cozy area rug to curl your toes on while you nurse a cup of hot chocolate after a crazy busy day at work.

Go the Mediterranean

Every aspect of a Mediterranean patio is about relaxing, entertaining and enjoying the good things that life has offered you. Home Interior designers in Bangalore can recreate the space for you with cushioned seats, flowering plants and low patio lights which will make your evenings truly magical irrespective of whether you are entertaining or not.

Spring Gazebo

There is indeed nothing like a spring morning crisp and fresh with the scent of flowers wafting through the air. The evenings are equally magical with the smell of honeysuckle and jasmine blooming around. A gazebo on your patio can be the very thing that could bring you outdoors to enjoy the bountiful nature. A few chairs and a round table with a single pendant light and lots of flowering plants, pots, and creepers, you would loathe going inside.

With the right Home or Office interior designers in Bangalore, any space can be turned into a retreat or a sanctuary that you would love to spend time in. The trick is to find the right one.

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Decorate your abode with the nest of tables

Nest of tables are very functional and adaptable furniture units. These nesting tables don't take much space of your room and embellish the look, beauty and functionality of your interior decor. 
Generally, we have a single coffee table in our living rooms; it is very common, monotonous and traditional way to arrange a table with sofa sets. But nowadays, the nest of tables are considered by many interiors designers and homeowners, as it gives the different yet classy look to your living area.

It is the perfect unit for small apartments, as it is multi-functional furniture unit. Nesting tables can be used as a classic coffee tables rather than a conventional looking coffee table. Coffee tables occupy a lot of space and always placed in the middle of a living room. On the other side, the two nest of tables are placed at each end of a sofa and, couch will make your seating and munching time comfortable. In this way, you can have a portable coffee table which you can easily keep away when you don't need it.

At the time of house parties or small get together at your home, you will have more floor space, if you are using nesting tables, because you can adjust according to the number of people and available space easily.  If you have children in your house, you can easily slide away these tables for providing space to your children in the living room. They are made of different materials like wood, metal, molded plastic and others.

Make them a focal point of your living room: 

By this trio of tables, you can have the chic and contemporary look in your living room. Put them side by side and make this trio a focal or centre point of your living room.  Nesting tables are handy and easy to use. They are light weighted and have easy mobility. You can easily move them from one place to another whenever you want.

Make your bedroom stylish with these units:  You can change the looks and increase the beauty and grace of your bedroom by placing a set of nesting tables rather than side tables.  You can change their place and position as per the need and space. You can put beautiful showpieces, photo frames and another thing to create a stunning look in the ambience.

Include this trio in outdoor furniture: 

These tables can do wonderful changes in your indoor and outdoor furniture such as include them into the patio and garden furniture. You can place it on the balcony and porch with the pair of chairs. They can be the modern addition to the existing garden furniture. 

Mix and match the units: 

There is no comparison of beautiful, elegant and classic furniture unit. You can create a stunning look in a living room with a simple and sober nest of tables with the combination of a contemporary full-size table.  They don't need to complement or match with each other completely. They create the harmonious effect in your living room with this mix and match combination of table and other furniture unit.

Create a great vision:  You can create extra seating space with the beautiful look without adding more furniture units with these units. You can create a great and beautiful vision of living room by adding the glass surface nesting table set.

Use them as breakfast tables:

You can use your nest of tables in your bedroom as a breakfast table. You can use them in the dining area too for having snacks, tea or breakfast.  These have perfect counter top space, and look glorious as a snack table. When you are hosting a house or pool party then you can use them to serve the drinks and other eatables that you have prepared.  They have delicate and classy features and have functionality too. They can be placed against a wall like a display unit or console table, and then you can decorate it with a beautiful vase of fresh flowers and other showpieces.

Conclusion: You can buy nesting tables from online and offline furniture stores easily. They are multifunctional furniture unit and can be used any part of the house.  You can combine them with beds, dressing table, with your couch and even with the garden and balcony furniture. Nest of tables have the variety of options of uses as they come in the trio set. You can use them as per your choice and adjust them easily according to available space.

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Style and Simplicity: 5 Contemporary Wardrobe Designs

Contemporary wardrobe styles are all about simplicity, minimalism, keeping things light and cool. Which is exactly what you want in the bedroom, the one place in the house where you really want to feel a sense of space. It’s also a great way to adjust to smaller spaces, or unusual room shapes, as the clean lines of contemporary wardrobe designs lend themselves to a variety of possibilities.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get bold, or add a little drama to your style. These modular wardrobe designs maintain the simplicity of contemporary styles, while still adding a dash of colour or detail that makes for that touch of individualism.

Get bold, get red

With horizontal paneling and minimalist design, this modular wardrobe adds a spark of difference with the striking red colour, balanced with silvery grey. It’s all about contrast, and you can take some bold steps with your furnishings, keeping this in mind. A high-gloss finish keeps the look modern.

Soften with a suede finish

The bold black-currant shade of this modular wardrobe is softened with a ‘suede’ finish, giving it a wonderfully distinct and yet subtle style. The grooved patterns maintain a geometric harmony, and when you decorate, you can either complement or contrast the colour, based on your mood!

Playing with grooves

A light oak wood finish creates a neutral impact in this contemporary-style wardrobe, that allows you to mix, match and decorate with ease. The geometric grooved pattern provides simple, non-fussy detailing that reinforces the style without making waves about it.

Glossy finish, light shades

This modular wardrobe design maintains a simple, geometric style in a delicate blue shade that’s bound to give you plenty of joy in matching curtains and bedspreads. With a high-gloss finish, the overall impact is sleek, refined and effortlessly modern.

Black, glossy, and dramatic

Black is one of the easiest colours to decorate with, just like it’s one of the easiest colours to wear. Use light shades of furnishings to soften the impact, or bright colours for a bit of drama. The high-gloss finish takes away some of the weight of the colour, so you don’t have to worry too much about it darkening the room. This is also a truly modern design, so if your aesthetics swing that way, you’ll find it complements your home perfectly.

For more contemporary-style wardrobe designs, visit us at We create customized fixed furniture to fit into any style or space.
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Picking a Wardrobe Design: HomeLane’s Pointers

Bidding goodbye to that old cupboard that’s been in your room since childhood? About time, we’d say! But hang on. Before you step out to buy yourself a brand new wardrobe, here are a few pointers that will come in handy — from materials and colour to shelves and drawers.

Wardrobe Designs What You Must Know

Your current need: When your old wardrobe is no longer sufficient to hold your clothes and accessories, find out what exactly it is you’re missing and need space for.

Colour: When you pick a new wardrobe now, you can actually match or opt for a colour in contrast to your room wall colour. Check out an exclusive range of Armadio wardrobes that come in trendy wardrobe

Of drawers and shelves: Make a rough layout of how would you like to divide your wardrobe — more shelves, less drawers or more hanger space. Shelves that are too high to reach and drawers that are too tight to pull are a big no-no.

The door: Figure out if you want sliding or hinge doors, with a dresser or not. Be wary of low quality channels that are used for wardrobe door designs in India. Ensure you check and re-check before finalising a wardrobe design.

Space: Most importantly, are you buying a new wardrobe to save on space or is it an extension of the current one? Measure the height, breadth and length before you set your heart on a particular wardrobe design.  

Only wood: Walk with an open mind. Wooden wardrobes are nice but don’t overlook other trendy wardrobe designs that have entered the market these days. Trust us, they are sturdy too!

All-in-one is the best bet: You need not have a dresser, shoe rack and a closet- all together in one wardrobe just because your friend has one. Figure out your criteria first and then make an informed choice.

Gloss finish cupboards are high-maintenance: Simply wipe and clean is the basic trick to maintaining any glossy wardrobe design. In fact, laminates are a lot easier to maintain than wood.

Walk-in closets are a thing of West: Says who? If space allows, many people these days opt for walk-in closets as it allows them to look at their entire collection in one easy go. Good, sturdy walk-in closet designs are now available in India.

Renovation: No matter how much you jazz it up, the idea of renovating your old cupboard into a new one might not fully do justice to your needs. You might end up spending more in this case. Now that you are armed with the basic pointers before investing in a new wardrobe, go get the envy-worthy and functional wardrobe you’ve been dreaming of!
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5 Absolute Ways to Set-up the Best Crockery Unit

When renovating a kitchen the idea of introducing maximum storage space in this area will be on the top of the list of things you and your designer wants to consider.

For almost every homeowner the kitchen is a hub of a abode, it is a central meeting point where the family joins together at the end of an exhausting day. So, who would like to see a messy and unorganised kitchen? No one does!!  And Crockery units being that aforementioned storage unit gives all the utility and functionality. 

Crockery units are the pieces which come with shelves and drawers and provide an organised look to the heart of the home, ‘kitchen’. 

A crockery cabinet is the best way to introduce additional storage space in this area. As ceramics are very expensive and thus have to be kept with extra care.  

To give the kitchen a flamboyant appeal, here we have listed some exciting ways to set-up the perfect crockery unit for your space.

1. Match crockery cabinet’s tone with the accessories: It is wise if you go with the theme of crockery units. For instance, if you have all the white crockery cabinets and want to add charm to the space then style it by including housewares in neutral or white colour. 

These will not only blend beautifully with storage cabinets but will also give the area, a sophisticated and harmonious look along with everything organised and de-cluttered.

2. Decorate crockery units with lights: If you have place crockery shelf in the dining room, then add the tiny studio lights for lighting up the units. This will give a bright and gorgeous look to your dinette.

These will also brighten the spaces which are difficult to reach. Always use high quality lights for lighting as the resultant effect should be soft, not harsh. As, harsh lighting looks miserable on a crockery display unit.

3. A perfect combination of Glass and Wood: Wooden crockery units are the suitable choice as these are durable and strong. And, the finish and solid-wood (sheesham, mango, etc.) options in the wood are vast, and the best thing about them is that these blend with any home decor whether modern or traditional. 

But, only wood can't do the actual magic, so select the correct combination of wood and glass. The front showcase must be of glass, so that your exquisite collection of porcelain is visible. These types will give you the vast range of designs for a crockery unit online. 

4. Features of crockery units:  Apart from providing beauty, this unit also provides usability. Make sure this storage furniture unit comprises drawers, cabinets, drawers and racks.  The unit is available online in modern design with a beautiful appeal.  Keep it against the wall in the kitchen or in the corner of the dining room so, it would be easy for you to access the utensils at the time of dinner or lunch.

5. The new foldable crockery units: If you are suffering from limited floor space, then having a large crockery unit may not be possible.   Then, it is advised that you must go for foldable units or wall mounted crockery units, as these will save a lot of space for you, for other uses.

Conclusion: These were some of the ways to set-up the crockery units or cabinets. Try these and give your space a charming and exciting look. As, these are pieces which provide an organised and well-designed look to the area. 

If you are planning to buy new crockery cabinet, then online furniture stores are the best and convenient way to make a fantastic purchase. Search online through every website and select the one that fits well with your requirement.

This is because they not only provide an inventory of options to choose from but also bestow you with pleasing facilities like customisation, where you can design personal crockery unit with dimension and style.

An open shelf or closed corner cabinet units with impressive design, space and size will prove best for any home decor and will also make a person life easier.

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Minimalism and Home Interior Design

They say that design is a journey of discovery. It’s a journey that gives us an inordinate amount of choices that would appeal to our senses and improve our lives. To that end, a minimalistic home interior design is a trend that is fast catching up today. This interior design trend follows the following philosophy of thought – ‘Your home is a living space and not a storage space’.

Today, frilly interior designs have given way to minimal living that seems to provide a less stressful life for people. Here are a few characteristics of a minimalistic house interior design that would make your life seem less stressful –

Façade Engineering

Building the right facades and more so using it correctly can add a lot of value to a home interior design. If your flat overlooks the sea where you can see endless waves weaving in and out, you really wouldn’t build a wall to block it, would you? Cityscapes, golf links, gardens… there are many ways that you can use the façade engineering to your benefit.

Imagine your living room overlooks a garden or the sea then all that you need is a giant glass screen that would you unimpeded view of the outside. Your living room doesn’t require anything to make it grand. Paintings, an exquisite chandelier, an expensive carpet or a Ming Vase that would act as great conversation starters in other designs become utterly unimportant and unnecessary if the façade engineering is done right.

That’s one trick that a minimal interior design never misses.


Truthfully, it is easy to fill the room with stuff rather than not. Simplicity rules the roost in a minimal interior design. The aesthetics of form and design has a stark beauty about it. A simple design is straightforward and has an honesty about it that belies the façade of sophistication.

A minimal home interior design has a clarity about it that is rarely present in other floor plans. Simplistic designs with modest storage options work the best here.

A Single Focal Point

In any design, it is important to have a focal point that would stand out. In a minimal home interior design you can select one single piece to stand out in the space - a painting, a carpet, a vase or a chandelier.

Space Rules

While designing a minimalistic home, there is only one rule of thumb to follow – let the space rule. With open floors and neutral walls, one can’t really go wrong in their minimal interior design. Opting for simple furniture is a must because they shouldn’t really take the focus off the ample space. Furniture with frills, lace and decorations is a definite no-no in this design.

A minimalistic design is all about reducing the clutter in one’s life and it certainly resonates with many tenets of feng shui. To balance the harmonies of one’s life, one needs to get rid of all the things that take up unnecessary space. Feng Shui masters believe that once you remove the materialistic clutter, your spiritual needs too will get addressed and you will have more clarity to move ahead in your life. Truly, it’s time to go zen.

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Make your Kitchen a Complete functional Look with Kitchen Designs

The cooking mansion of a home, ‘kitchen' is the most-used room in the home. From kitty parties to family gatherings, family meal times to midnight cravings, the kitchen satisfies a number of needs. Hence, it makes sense to design kitchen with a collaboration of style and utility of interiors.

When designing a kitchen, there are lots of things to consider. Whether there is enough space for storage? And where will you put the crockeries, cutleries or appliances?

The well-furnished kitchen always has enough space for smart storage and will ensure that everything that you need on a daily basis is within easy reach.

The Kitchen Storage includes units like kitchen cabinets, kitchen trolley and kitchen Island. These pieces of furniture will help to keep your cookware and ingredients in order. There will be no more scrounging for pot lid or where your cooking utensils are when they neatly tucked away. 

When it comes to upgrading the kitchen furniture of your home or solving storage issue, there is no exact science required. Here are few storage units for a modular kitchen that will turn up your kitchen into beautifully organized gathering space.

Kitchen Cabinets: To Fuel Up The Kitchen 

The kitchen cabinets are the best way of keeping the kitchen design well organised and arranged. Wooden Cabinets gives a timeless, natural, and classic look to the kitchen. For kitchen cabinets, the design possibilities are limitless, or you can customize every detail according to your need and utility. The perk of customization option allows you to have cabinets with extra storage space without wasting kitchen space.

The kitchen cabinets are available in the various size and shapes. These cabinets can add a beautiful quality to the kitchen design of your home.

Kitchen Trolley: Storage on Wheels

Kitchen trolley is a great alternative for storing our food. Because of their design and idea, these are capable of giving an artistic and functional look to the area.

Wooden surface of kitchen trolley allows you to chop vegetable on the top surface; it takes knife scratches very well. The sufficient storage area will help to bring food to the table with other ingredients. So you don't have to keep getting up in between your meal to bring anything.

They are available in a wide range of designs for your modular kitchen with durability and perfect finish.

Kitchen Island: Add Functionality as well as Storage 

One can add Kitchen Island in kitchen design to increase the kitchen's functionality. You can also make island movable with the help of wheels. At the island, adding a row of bar stools gives you extra seating close to the kitchen.

To add instant storage to your kitchen island, you can also add drawers and shelves. Without feeling cramped in your kitchen design, the kitchen island provides you extra counter space to chop, peel and prepare food. 

The versatility of kitchen islands offers from storage to additional seating. For perfect kitchen design, the options for a kitchen island are endless.

Having no storing place in your kitchen to keep all your essentials will make your kitchen look unorganised and messy. This will going to affects your kitchen design. So research well, shop smart, be creative and work with what you have. The right choice will provide you with a lot of organised space and clean kitchen.

Conclusion :

Also investing in wrong furniture item for your kitchen design will make you regret and feel bad. So, invest money in buying the right product for perfect kitchen interiors like Kitchen cabinets, kitchen trolley and kitchen island.

You can also choose from a wide variety of all these storage units available online.

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Sofa cum Bed- Small Furniture Unit with Big Savings

I have worked in many cities, and that has made me independent. Independent to choose my place, house, car, clothes and my words etc.

Oh! I forgot to mention, my furniture!

Which is very essential for my alone living life.

When I shifted to my recent house, I decided to choose the perfect furniture for me because I thought, that will be my companion away from home.

So, today, I would like to share a small story of my favorite furniture unit; Sofa Cum Bed.

This furniture unit is close to my heart, as I spend most of my Me-Time lying on it.

Here are a various occasion when I love my sofa cum bed

1. When I am tired, and I want to relax and check my Instagram and Facebook, then this unit is a perfect place for me.

2. When I plan a pajama party at my home than nothing can excite my buddies and me, more than a sofa cum bed.

3. On weekends, when I am too lazy to go out with my friends, then it is my true companion to watch my favorite web series.

4. On Week days, when I want to complete my work from home, and then I am too lazy to go to the bedroom then I just pull out my bed to sleep.

5. When my parents visit me, then this unit acts as a savior.

Advantages of Sofa Cum Bed

1. It occupies less space than a bed and a sofa separately, so people like me, who are living alone, will enjoy this unit to the fullest.

2. It saves your money. Almost, on the prize of a sofa, you will get a bed with it. So, it is not a bad deal for bachelors. 

3. It is eye candy for people like me, who would love its design. It has become a trending piece to keep, in your living room or bedroom.

4. It makes cleaning easy. As many times we are not able to mop under a bed. So, sofa cum bed is an easy solution.

So which material is preferable for your Sofa cum bed?

According to the studies, wood is the best material which can serve your long lasting purpose.

You can opt sofa cum bed from Wooden Street, which has an extensive range of cool sofa cum beds.

The material which is used by Wooden Street is Sheesham and mango wood. These woods are hard, so they are long-lasting. These woods are very durable and need low maintenance.

Wooden Sofa cum beds

Sereta sofa cum bed is one of the top-selling products of Wooden Street.

You can also go for Feltro sofa cum bed with a honey finish, if you need queen like sleep. To know more about this, you can visit Wooden Street.

Riota sofa cum bed is a perfect solution if you want sofa cum bed with storage. It fulfills your sofa, bed and storage needs at a time.

Fabric Sofa cum beds

Fabric sofa is a bliss. If you have it, then you feel the utmost luxury and comfort. These sofas not only look lavish but also allow you to break the monotonous feel.

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Interior design ideas from Chennai designers

Home owners who are planning to install trending modular kitchens in their homes can get instant free quote from this interior designing firm which offers world class designs. Carpenters will carve stylish storage spaces in the kitchen area and give new lease of life to it. We are rated as number one interior designs company in Chennai and clients who hired us in the past have rated us as the best in the city. We will create dynamic appliances, beautiful hardware and shutters and transform the looks of the kitchen quickly. We will use popular woods and high quality materials while constructing Modular kitchen and finish-off the allotted works quickly.

Blue Interior Designs
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Ways to Bring the Green in

Be it a house or an office, it has become important to bring the green in. With the pollution in the air increasing beyond safety limits in many cities, it is imperative that we do our bit to keep the atmosphere clean and fresh. Indoor plants are one of the best ways to maintain optimum breathable air around ourselves.

Indoor plants make a great prop for interior designers in Bangalore. For one thing, when you incorporate plants within your design, overhead cost for designing or purchasing expensive accessories to showcase your home. Indoor plants literally bring a breath of fresh air and they are not going to cost as much as that Ming vase or that expensive painting you wish you had.

Here are a few ways that Interior designers in Bangalore bring the green –


Balconies and backyards have traditionally been the indoor space for growing plants but interior designers in Bangalore have taken the unconventional route for many projects and have made space for plants in shelves to make a green library of sorts.

The beauty of this arrangement is that it can be put up anywhere, in the living room, the bedroom or even a home office and it will be the focal point of your space.


Contrary to belief certain plants, do thrive in the humid conditions of the bathroom. Plants like aloe vera, bamboo, begonia, snake plant, boston fern, cast iron plant, chinese evergreen etc. grow well in the bathroom. Plants in the bathroom are a more natural fit than anywhere else in your home. With these in your bathroom, the question of potpourri is also sorted. With the right kind of plants, interior designers in Bangalore can create an atmosphere of relaxed ambience in your bathroom, so much so that it will seem as though you are alone amidst a tropical waterfall or a serene pool for much-needed R & R.


No, that porch is not for those old newspapers or unwanted boxes. That’s where you can have a lovely hanging garden with pots, creepers and probably an outdoor aquarium. A few wrought iron chairs and a table will complete the picture to perfection. Voila! You can have that candle-light dinner right at your home with your love.

Living Room

Flower pots and vases have been traditionally known as ways and means to bring the green in but these days’ interior designers in Bangalore do things differently. How about a vertical garden right in your living room? It would spectacular for one thing and second, it will become the talking point for your guests and an awesome conversation starter. The upside is that you really don’t have to sell an arm and a leg to have a lovely décor fitted in your space. A vertical garden not only scores brownie points for your environmental consciousness but is also an awesome way to maintain optimum breathing air within your home.


One would think that the kitchen is a more natural fit for houseplants. It would make more sense to grow herbs that you would use for cooking right there. A hanging pot near the kitchen window or an array of pots right on the windowsill makes a great deal of sense. Just imagine, you don’t have to go all the way to the store just for a sprig of mint. You can grow it right there!

Design Arc Interiors
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Elements of an Open Kitchen

One thing that is common in most contemporary apartments and homes today is an open kitchen house interior design. There are many key factors that go into creating a home with an open kitchen. They are informal, inclusive and are certainly a reflection of how social we have become in our lives. Here are a few elements of an open kitchen plan that you might want to consider while renovating your home.

More Space

This is one obvious advantage of having an open kitchen. When you bring down the walls, there is more space to move around and socialize. There is more space for wall cabinets and clever shelving in this plan. This plan also helps small families because it’s possible to keep an eye on the children even while cooking. The downside of this house interior design is the fact that one needs to be more careful while cooking, lest there are accidents.

Natural Lighting

When the walls are down, it is but natural for the light to permeate everywhere. Homes with an open kitchen plan are more airy and open to natural lighting because there are no more walls obstructing windows and doors. Installing skylights is a great idea for open kitchens and it adds a certain charm to space.

Entertaining is Easier

Most open kitchens flow into the dining area and it certainly becomes easier to entertain. Naturally, with an open kitchen house interior design, traditional dining and lunches take a back seat. This is definitely not the floor plan for those who wish to serve their food formally and ostentatiously. This is for those with a more egalitarian view of things. It is a fluid form of life suitable for bachelors, single men and women and for families that like to be social even while cooking their meals. That’s why most open kitchen designs include a countertop for lunch and dinner or at least a breakfast nook where you can pull up a chair and have your mail while it’s still hot. Some designs take in the dining area and add it on to the kitchen and it certainly makes the area more inclusive and is easy to entertain. These are family friendly kitchens, where soul food is cooked, savoured and relished.

The Flow of the Design

With an open kitchen, one can see the design flow in beautifully in the floor plan. Opting for neutral shades would make sense here. Monochrome colours, high-gloss cabinets and units would work the charm here.

While there are many advantages in an open kitchen floor plan, this is a house for those who are meticulously clean and minimal. You really do not want to show a messy kitchen to your guests especially in an open kitchen house interior design. The lack of privacy is apparent and if you like the kitchen to be your own kingdom of heaven then an open floor plan is probably not for you.

Despite the obvious disadvantages, open kitchen plan has caught the imagination of people today. It shows that we are on a progressive path in a world where even men can claim their place in the kitchen and cook up a storm.

Design Arc Interiors
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