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Fitted Kitchen Ideas & Designs

Fitted Kitchen Ideas & Designs

Fine-tuned ideas of kitchen designing in modern times have been thoroughly enchanting, mostly with the arrival of the fitted kitchen concepts. Find ideas and professionals for your dream kitchen
Fine-tuned ideas of kitchen designing in modern times have been thoroughly enchanting, mostly with the arrival of the fitted kitchen concepts. Find ideas and professionals for your dream kitchen


Home designing has transformed in the most significant fashion in contemporary times. One of the biggest changes in the perception of the contemporary home designing is the interior designing being given equal priorities as of the exteriors.These ideas not only make things look sleek but offer a systematic and productive approach as well. However,like every strategic approach, one needs to be a bit selective with this latest trend of kitchen designing as well (which is indeed a very tactical aspect). The following line-up is a collection of handy tips to make the most out of it.

A Glossy and Perfectly Positioned Worktop

The biggest advantage of a fitted kitchen is its flexibility. It lets someone set-up by the ease of working, at the same time maintaining the trendy look. A perfectly positioned work table set-up, especially the worktop part of it needs to be flawless. Good news is that there are many ways available in contemporary times. One can have the likes of maple wood, plywood, marbles, etc. those don’t catch the marks easily and maintain the shininess of the surface for a longer while. It needs minimal effort to clean these surfaces as well.


The best idea would be to put it either centrally located or from an extreme corner fixing with the wall, from where the water supply can be convenient enough. With the cooker hob installed with these worktops, there should be enough space available beneath to contain the cylinders and other appliances.

Incorporated Sinks Rather Than Fixed

Appearance has always been given the higher priority for any fitted kitchen idea. Setting the odd parts in the smartest fashion has been the key to these ideas getting hugely popular. Sinks are such odd/challenging parts of a kitchen that can be dealt in a trendier and productive fashion. The antique idea of assigning a special zone for these sinks not just offer the kitchens a rather clumsy feel, but creates a challenge in maintaining the cleanliness quotient as well. The latest idea in this regard is to make it fixed with the chopping table or within the worktops. Through the process, the cook finds it more enjoyable to prepare his/her recipe having everything alongside.

Slider Cupboards

It’s a cool concept really. For a contemporary kitchen that demands one to be extremely brilliant regarding space management, the antique ideas of drawer cupboards are neither visually appealing nor user-friendly. On the other hand, the slider options are very flexible; can be fixed with the worktable, with the wall, even with any storage incorporation. It’s quite easy to install and un-install these sliders as well.

Floor Lamps

Ceiling lightening is an obvious thing for a kitchen or any other part of the home. However, the idea of floor lamps is something refreshing. It certainly takes the appealing look of a kitchen to an altogether different level. Especially, it’s a handy idea for the contemporary kitchens having much glossier floorings, where spotting the drops of water or oil is not an easier aspect.

How can I find fitted kitchen ideas?

Create the kitchen you desire by creating inspiration boards with ideabooks on homify. Start using the homify ideabook function to search for home styles that appeal to you. There are hundreds of different pictures you can find in our search function. You can save a photo into your personal ideabook and it is then automatically stored in your profile with the possibility to add text. What are your favorite fitted kitchen ideas? Any tips & tricks you would like to share on how to make the most out of a fitted kitchen

Have you recently bought a kitchen for your home? If so, do you have and tips or tricks on how to do it within budget?