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How to Make DIY Drawer Dividers for Bra Storage| 5-Step Tutorial

Tania Dey Avatar Tania Dey


  • Clear report covers with a sliding bar
  • Stiletto or scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Measuring tape
  • Double-sided tape
  • Coloured paper or cotton fabric
  • Glue


When you buy expensive bras, it is essential to store them correctly to retain their structure and shape. Padded and underwired bras can get out of shape or bent if they are not stored correctly, causing your money to be wasted. The ideal way to store bras, especially padded ones is to have a designated space for each of them with sufficient space between each one. Here, I will teach you how to make a simple DIY bra organiser with cardboard to organise them well.

20 minutesDifficultyEasy

Step 1: Cut the cardboard for the DIY drawer organisers

If you are storing your bras in a drawer or box, as the first step, measure the size of the drawer to determine the size of each divider. I cut the cardboard into two 32cm by 10 cm strips. Depending on your drawer, you can decide the size and number of dividers to cut for your bra drawer organiser.

Step 2: Cover the dividers

To give the bra storage organiser a better finish, you can cover the strips with cotton fabric or coloured paper, sticking it to the cardboard with white glue. The glue will also strengthen the cardboard when it dries.

Step 3: Remove the sliding bar

Cut the sliding bars from the clear report covers. Then, measure them to decide the size you need to cut them. I cut them slightly smaller than the height of the drawer dividers. I recommend marking the size you need and using a scissor or stiletto to cut it to size. The purpose of the sliding bars is to hold the cardboard dividers in place.

Step 4: Position the sliding bars on the sides of the dividers

Place one sliding bar on each side of the drawer dividers. Then, add a piece of double-sided tape on the back of the sliding bars. Place the drawer dividers inside the drawer or box to check if it fits well before removing the tape cover on the other side of the double-sided tape. The sliding dividers are an excellent addition to the DIY bra organiser as it keeps the dividers in place. Moreover, you can move the cardboard dividers around without damaging the structure of the organiser.

Step 5: How to store bras in the DIY organiser

Stick the drawer dividers inside the drawer, using glue, to finish making the DIY bra storage organiser. You can now arrange your padded bras within a divider, using paper to stuff the cups if you want to maintain its shape when stored.

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