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Wake up the dull corners of your home and give a fresh lease of life to your blossoming beauties with our quick guide for a happy home and garden.

12 hoursDifficultyEasy

Step 1: Colour-coordinate your bookshelf

Instead of arranging your books by size or subject, try arranging them by the colour of their spine. Intersperse them with some meaningful framed quotes to create an inspiring corner.

Step 2: Update the patio

Make your patio as comfortable as any room in your house by adding an array of comfortable cushions. Choose a mix of prints, solids and textures to create a more welcoming space.

Step 3: Paper magic

Inject colour into a living room, on a budget, by covering just one wall with wallpaper. This will certainly lift your spirit. Try floral or digital, and border it with the right kind of moulding to accentuate the look.

Step 4: Display your books on tables as well

Not all books need to be stashed in bookcases. Display a few favourites on a tabletop or on your TV cabinet, and they can act as conversation pieces. Keep them organized in a neat row using bookends.

Step 5: Pick me up

Rearrange your garden planters from time to time to change the look of your patio. Use light-weight containers such as these which are easy to move and eco-friendly.

Step 6: Pebbles and stone

Place some rounded pebbles around your garden patch to create a look worth admiring. Adding pebbles also prevents the growth of weeds and spares you some bending and pulling sessions.

Step 7: Colour Collage

Make a patchwork quilt using old clothes and pieces of fabric. Apart from providing warmth, it also adds a collage of cheerful colours in your bedroom.

Step 8: Wall hanging

Mount book cases and show cases straight onto walls, instead of placing them on the floor. This frees up the space on the floor and makes your room look larger.

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