DIY: How to make your own vertical wooden garden

Gargee Kashyap homify


  • Wooden boards of 60x120cm
  • Wooden boards of 60x300cm
  • Deck Tables (Bottom of the Flower Box)
  • Screws
  • Metal screen
  • Square
  • 6mm plastic roller
  • Circular saw
  • Wire Cutter
  • Stapler for wood


When you do not have much space for a garden, the best idea one can have is to make a vertical garden. There are several ways to do this, and one of them is building stacked wooden planters, just like in this project.

With a little practice and the materials needed, and the result will be amazing.

3 hoursDifficultyMedium

Step 1: Design your project

First of all, start by designing your project or by carefully observing the details of that model of the image above. Once you've done it once, you'll be able to make other models using that same base.

Step 2: Cut the larger boards

To cut the larger boards (2x10), use a square that will help firm the cut of the circular saw. So each piece will get a good finish.

Step 3: Cut the smaller boards and the deck

To cut the smaller boards (2x4) and the deck you do not need to use the square, only the circular saw.

Step 4: Drill deck boards

Drill the holes in the boards that will be the base of the flower pot before screwing them, thus preventing the wood from cracking.

Step 5: Screw lower platform plates to 2x4

Begin installing the flower pots by screwing the lower deck boards into the 2x4 planks. Leave 1.5 "of space between the ends of the deck boards and the ends of the 2x4 boards. This space will accommodate the thickness of the 2x10 boards.

Step 6: Screw the sides

When screwing the deck boards into the 2x10 boards, use the square to ensure everything is in line.

Step 7: Cut the wire mesh

Cut a rectangular piece of wire mesh with a proper cutter for that material. The wire mesh will align the bottom of the flower pot. Fold a groove that will create a drainage chute between the 2x4 planks at the bottom of the flower pot.

Step 8: Staple the wire in the bottom of the flower pot

Place the wire mesh on the underside of the flowerpot and staple the 2x4 planks.

Step 9: Cut the plastic sheets

Take measurements from the plastic sheets to cover the entire inside of the flower box, sides and bottom. Cut with scissors and then clip on the inside walls of the flower pot.

Step 10: Drill drainage holes

Use a screwdriver to make drainage holes through the plastic sheets along the entire length of the bottom of the flower pot. This will drain the irrigation water.

Step 11: Plant the flowers and stack the flower pots

Fill the flowerbeds with earth and plant the flowers. The flower boxes can be arranged in several different ways and you can also make additional side panels to have even more options for stacking them.

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