DIY: How to make potted plants with empty cans

Khushbu Rathi


  • Plants
  • Old food can
  • Spray paint
  • Adhesive
  • String
  • Corrugated paper to protect dirt from paint


It is an amazing DIY idea to make a flowerpot using old food cans. Let's make a wonderful potted plant so that you can enjoy the green even inside the house!

2 hoursDifficultyEasy

Step 1: Gather the materials

Collect all the items required.

Step 2: Remove canned package

Peel off the empty can packing package. And let's remove dirty and remaining packages cleanly with baking soda or hot water.

Step 3: Spray colour

Let's paint empty cans with spray. When using a spray, spray it outdoors or in a space that allows for ventilation. In that case we recommend using cardboard so that it will not get dirty with a spray.

Step 4: Attach strings

Wrap the string around the can. At that time wind the string around 2 turns, please tie it tightly.

Step 5: Insert the plant

Next, insert the plant with the soil in a can.

Step 6: Your project is complete

This is the completed potted plant and can be hung on any room in your house. Use it in your kitchen, bathroom or any room you want.

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