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Do-it-yourself: Make your own potted plants

Gargee Kashyap homify Avatar Gargee Kashyap homify


  • balloons
  • glass or acrylic flasks
  • scissors
  • plant


​This idea is very simple and allows to create beautiful potted plants using balloons and jars of glass or acrylic. Check out the steps and do it yourself.

5 minutesDifficultyEasy

Step 1: Collect the materials you need

To create your custom potted plants, you will need only balloons (of the colors you wish), scissors and jars.

Step 2: Cut the balloon

The first step to assembling your plant pot is to cut the balloon using scissors as shown below.

Step 3: Cover the flask with the balloon

The next step is to coat the flask with the flask already cut.

Step 4: Choose your the plants and move them to your new vessels

​And here comes your final result.

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