In-House Swimming Pool

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Decoration tips

A swimming pool is a place to relax and de-stress away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. Having a well-designed swimming pool is a great way to enjoy a quiet day or just to exercise.The look of the pool should make you dive right in, and the home interior designers in Bangalore will help you achieve that effect.

The Shape

Opting for a square, circular or an oval shape other than the commonly found rectangular pool is a good start. Selecting a shape based on the availability of space can add a personal touch to the home. You can also add stone steps or coral stepping stones to brighten the pool area.Transforming the pool into your very own brook gives a touch of nature and nature is never symmetrical.

Layering the floor

Substituting the traditional tile or marble flooring of your in-house pool with little-rugged flooring can be safe for the swimmers and also give a rustic look to the pool. Layering the floor with pebbles and grass footpaths to place your steps without the worry of slipping. The pebbles and grass paths will also present an illusion of stream.


As they say “It is not who you wear, it is how you wear,” you can spruce up the pool house with wavy curtains or bring Tuscany to your pool house by using orange canopies and cypress trees to add to the effect. Paint one side of the wall to give the illusion of space or fix up a home theater to go with the martinis. Place a comfy lounge chair or oversized cushions that assist you in your beauty regimen.


The in-house pool can take advantage of the natural light that streams through the windows. Replacing the walls with clear glass with wooden rims or replacing a part of the ceiling with glass is a beautiful way to let in the sunlight. Many Home Interior Designers in Bangalore can help you achieve that effect by adding patio windows or giving a clear glass view of the sky while basking in the sunlight.


Indoor pools are your special place to create fun and loving memories. Swap out the usual tiles and embed tiles with pictures that instantly bring a smile to your face. Home Interior Designers in Bangalore has many types of mosaic or tile art that give your pool an artistic effect.


Fill the weekends with endless fun with beautiful and complimenting dinner table or have a quiet drink with your loved one at the mini bar by the pool. Having a meal or a drink by the water makes up for a fun and serene environment where you are one with your emotions. Placing high bamboo chairs with a marble counter will blend well with the plants placed around the pool and give the effect of fine outside dining at no additional cost.

Designing an in-house pool does not require a lot of effort; a little imagination will do the trick. The pool will add to the beauty of your residence. You can avail the services of the best home & Office Interior Designers in Bangalore at the Design Arc Interiors, to construct a subtle yet elegant indoor pool.