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Puja room, nook or corner is the first place that is set up by Hindus even before they move into the house. Irrespective of whether they are moving into a rental or own house, the pooja room is set up with just the rudimentary basics to perform a small pooja on an auspicious day before the actual moving in happens.

While most interior designers overlook this important space, interior decorators in Bangalore have more experience than others in allocating the right nook or room for their clients.

This is a sacred space where spirituality rules, where we chant mantras to harmonize our surroundings, were we perform rituals to please our ancestors and seek their blessings. This room and space require careful thought and planning. Here are a few tips from the best interior decorators in Bangalore to design this room –

A platform to seat yourself

Most households barely get a nook to dedicate to their Gods and a separate pooja room is a luxury by all means. Even if you have just a nook, you can transform the space and demarcate it with a wooden platform and a stand to hang photographs, keep idols. Hindu worship of Gods requires many sacred items from incense to sandalwood. All these can be kept neatly within a drawer below the stand. Elegant, humble and yet simple this altar can be set in the living room or in the kitchen, wherever appropriate.

Simple and humble

Interior Decorators in Bangalore can create a simple and humble altar of worship in any nook of the room. All that is required is a background panel, some soft lighting and you will have a nook that gives calm vibes around the space allowing you to meditate and rejuvenate spiritually.

Awe-inspiring devotion

One of the many unique pooja rooms that Home Interior Designers in Bangalore designed was awe-inspiring enough to around fiery devotion. With stained glass in the background and on the ceiling, one will find the pooja room awash with the pure light of the sun to awaken the spiritual essence within you.

Minimalistic and simple

For those who like to keep things simple and minimal, an alcove with an altar and shelves with a few photographs and an idol would be perfect. The mirror in the background can reflect a beautiful chandelier or a pendant light and within the small space of this altar, one will find one’s true self.

Traditional temple pooja rooms

Traditional temple pooja cabinets are designed and built to resemble temples. These cabinets can be closed with a door that is decorated with tinkling bells and a handy drawer beneath can be used to store all the pooja items. This cabinet can be built to a size to fit an alcove, a nook, corner or even a pooja room. Those who have the space to spare and need an elaborate pooja room can opt for the traditional room. Dark tiles and contrasting lights will make this room seem like the temple’s path to illumination and knowledge.

A pooja room is a unique space and one can use hundred DIY tricks to make it look great but with experienced home or Office Interior Decorators in Bangalore, it gets transformed into something magical transcending all material realms.